Computer extra services

Monitoring private activities became a usual deal for large companies' managers. The appearance of the new software products makes it very easy. E-mail messages, phone calls, etc. should be taken by the supervisor's strict control with the help of up-to-date software tools. This knowledge is helpful for the people, who can be taken under such type of control at their working places.

Extra services, like reporting and monitoring the information sources, appeared a few years ago. Thus, these tools become very popular today. More and more companies are using the software for the IM and e-mail monitoring at their offices.

Such tools as security cameras and call-centers, which are able to record and save all phone calls, are not amazing for anyone today. These technical achievements are traditional tools for each modern office. Therefore, employers are not satisfied with such measures as the managers take more efforts to achieve the total spying for the activities of their employees in the working time. The managers use the special software with extra services that allow to store each e-mail and IM- pager message and these extra services can control the online activities as well. In this way the managers can get the information about each click of the person in the web browser window.

The control can be set for each resource of the company. A term resource has been standing for an employee's name since the Microsoft Project software product's arrival. The managers apply this software as a unique tool for the business planning and human resources management.

There are no obvious proofs of the information spying. These activities happen inside private companies and the extra services for reporting and monitoring may vary. As a rule, the company's management prefers to install spying tools in the secret from the other staff. You should never know if your boss has installed the software to be informed about each step of you.

Simultaneously, there are some indirect evidences that prove the fact of such software installing. There is a big number of the court examinations, where participants use a saved copy of the e-mail or IM message as the identification evidences. A significant growth of the financial positions for the spying software developing companies is another factor that confirms the statement. The software products of this kind are in use all over the world by the managers' staff.

The largest companies, involved into the software development industry of monitoring the Internet surfing, are Websense, SurfControl and Secure Computing. All these companies demonstrate the growth of the profits twice higher than the last months. There are some famous companies among their clients, such as "Pepsi" or "Ford".

Anonymous questionnaires among the managers of different companies tell about the beginning of the total spying process in the offices. The statistics show that more than sixty percent of the companies in the world are implementing the special software for the incoming and outgoing correspondence monitoring. Twenty seven percent are performing the internal monitoring of the e-mails between the employees. The statistics for the IM messages are a little bit lower. There are only eleven percent of the offices that are practicing the software with extra services for spying, filtering, archiving of searching in the archive of the IM messages for their staff.

You may think that the human rights and privacy can be violated by the managers' wishes, however, such activities are quite legal, though the moral side could be the subject for long arguments.



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