Cash flow marketing - the whale of your business

It is evident for every manager of nowadays that no success is possible without Cash Flow marketing and calculating possible advantages and losses beforehand. Whether you plan short- or long-term funding requirements of a business, it is both important to forecast the likely cash requirements than to project profitability and rentability. Let us see the most important things, which will guarantee long-term profits for your business.

Some people think that a generation of a profit can guarantee the successful development of a business or at least its survival, which is a wrong opinion. A vital indicator of the performance of a business is a difference between sales and costs within a specified period and cash flow figures are more important in this case than the profit.

There is a certain difference between profits and cash flows, to put it short, cash flows show terms and conditions when your profits will materialize. When considering all the situations possible with your cash flow marketing manager, you will manage to avoid serious cash shorts, lasting for months and resulting in debts or some other undesirable factors.

Your financial planners are those exact people, who will generate a fully integrated profit and loss accounts with forecast cashflow statements and balance sheets for up to five years ahead. If you have no such managers in your own company, you can address a number of organizations in the www and see which one suits you the best. Normally, such organization or manager should provide you with a cash flow plan, covering twelve months ahead with weekly projections for the initial three months.

Calculating the cash flow is always for good, as you may guess. This calculation is to include inflows and outflows of your capital money. Any cash flow marketing counts business' receipts from sales, increases in bank loans, proceeds of share issues and asset disposals and other incomes, such as the interest, earned in cash flow calculations. Cash outflows include payments to suppliers and a staff, capital and interest repayments for loans, dividends, taxation and capital expenditure.

Such factors as sales, costs and, therefore, profits do not necessarily coincide with their associated cash inflows and outflows. You can secure a sale and deliver goods, though you should also consider related payments of giving a credit to a customer, payments made to suppliers, a staff, rebuilding depleted stocks, new equipment, etc. Only the cash cycle analysis and control under your working capital will help you to define all the aspects according the cash flow investing and avoid either the short-term cash shortfall or even bankruptcy.

The net cash flow will help you see the difference between the inflows and outflows within a given period. A positive net cash flow over several periods highlights the capacity of a business to generate cash and a negative cash flow indicates the amount of additional cash, required to sustain the business. If there is a need for you to be funded by a bank, you need a cash flow statement for the financial background of your reliable state.

Cash flow marketing needs to be regularly-updated in its projections and the modern techs allow doing it easily with the help of a computer and suitable mathematical software. Using those techs assists to reduce the tedium of carrying out numerous repetitive calculations and simplifies all the processes with forecast flow statements within. Used effectively, cash flow marketing created a model with a help of the cash flow, which can help prevent major planning errors and identify opportunities, improve the current situation of your business or find some new alternative models for further development of your company.

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