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More and more people are making web sites. These sites are not just electronic visit cards of the companies. Many sites do not present any business information at all. In any case, the web designers must have some place for their creations in the Internet. The hosting services are the only solution for this problem, if you are not an owner of a private web server.

How can I provide an access to my web pages? This is the question, asked by each beginner web designer. In theory, you can place a web site to the home computer. Let us try to imagine all the required steps to achieve the final purpose. You need to install all the required software such as the Apache server, database server MySQL, mail server, Perl, PHP and Parser interpreters. Then, you should create the folders with the files of the web pages, scripts and graphics. All these should be configured properly. Subsequently, you should try to provide the best support and twenty four hours of the Internet connection with a high speed of the outgoing information stream.

After all these procedures you need to request a static IP address for your home computer to let the routers know where they have to send the data packages and different requests. Afterwards, you will need to register the domain name, connect the domain with the IP address, etc.

As you see, here are already a lot of things to do. At the same time, you should offer the best support for your computer twenty four hours a day since it has became a server. Note that you should avoid using your computer for other tasks after this transformation. The fluke of any software requires a restart. At this time the site will be unavailable for the visitors. And if your web resource is to become popular with a great number of visitors, then the PC will not stand this loading.

For all these reasons a personal computer cannot provide sufficient popularity and reliability of any Internet project. That is the reason why the hosting service providers started their activities all over the world. Hosting is the displacement of the client's information at the server of the provider. The organization of the virtual web servers is another term for this definition. Actually, the hosting does not only include the copying of the web pages, the provider of the hosting service performs all the tasks listed above and provides the twenty four hours access to its contents.

Each serious company, which presents the hosting services, has some powerful computers, configured to perform the server tasks. These servers are connected to the Internet via the powerful channels. There are some requirements for the best support of the technical side. They are the availability of uninterrupted power supply, the ability to replace the main nodes of the server without disconnecting it from the power supply, the RAID organization and other functions.

A hosting provider should be able to give the best support for the software component as well. As a rule, the hoster supplies some tariff plans to the clients. The server software is configured depending on the client's fee due to the selected tariff plan. The administrators of the server from the hosting provider side distribute the permissions to use some software functions. The hosting providers must have all the required tools to change the software configuration in the most expedite way.

Each respected hosting provider has to have a department of the technical support. Employees from this department must be able to offer the best support for each client. They must be specialists in many areas in order to be able to answer any question about the virtual servers' organization.

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