ATI notebook video

The choice of a notebook can be very complicated, as there are too many products of this type in the market. However, if you have clear requirements and know exactly what you need, then the ASUS line can be a good solution. If you are intended to obtain a mobile version of a desktop PC, which will be used for the most time in static conditions, then you should look for new models ASUS 4K and ASUS 4D with advanced graphical cards from ATI.

The ASUS Company is continuing producing new models of notebooks. The ASUS A4K is the next model, proposed by them after the models A4L and A4G. There is also an alternative model A4D. The new notebooks A4K and A4D have AMD processors. The difference is in a notebook video adapter. It is the ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 (M9) for A4D and the ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 (M11) for A4K.

These models have the following typical configuration: a processor Mobile AMD Athlon 64 (Hamer) 3400 + with the real clock 2.2 Hz, 512MB RAM, 80 GB hard disk and DVD-Dual.

A notebook video system is more interesting than other components. The A4K has a 15.4" WSXGA display with the maximal resolution 1680x1050. The display has high brightness and contrast with wide viewing angles. The notebook video adapter supports a connection of the second external monitor via the VGA socket. The external display supports resolutions up to 1600/1200.

The notebook video adapter is one more interesting and specific component for this mobile computer. The ASUS 4K has a new notebook video card, ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 on the graphical chip M11. The card has the 64MB DDR memory. The graphical power of this adapter is sufficient for solving the most part of tasks. Nowadays, the ATYI M11 is the most powerful notebook video card.

There are certain methods for testing notebook video cards. A comparative testing of the ASUS 4G with the notebook video card ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 64 MB and the ASUS 4K with ATI Mobility 9600 64 MB demonstrate that graphical performances of these models are almost similar.

Let us review other components of ASUS 4K. The new notebook is made on the base of the chipset nVidia CrushK8M. The processor is the Mobile AMD Athlon 64 (Hamer) 3400+ with the real clock 2.2 GHz and 1 MB second level cache. There are 512 MB of RAM DDR333. The maximal memory volume can reach 1 GB. The hard disk is Hitachi 5K80 with the volume 80 GB and rotation speed 5400 rpm. The volume of a disk buffer is 8MB. The notebook has an integrated infra-red port and a wireless adapter WLAN 802.11 b.

The ASUS 4K has a Li-Ion battery with capacity 4800 mA/h. The battery can be switched off, when a computer is connected to an electrical network. This function prolongs the battery life-time.

The notebook supports the technology Power4 Gear+, which allows decreasing the power supply, depending on the user's needs. It is also able to change the performance of the processor and memory. The real decrease of the system performance is available only in the mode of maximal power saving.

The battery supports the work with the maximal loading from sixty up to ninety minutes under the test Battery Eater Pro. The result is not very high, but it is sufficient, since the computer is positioned as a replacement for a desktop PC with abilities for autonomous work. That is the reason why the battery is not very powerful, though the abilities for the power management are good enough.

The new notebook ASUS 4K can be a good choice if you need a powerful and non - expensive mobile computer. At the same time, it should be used in the most efficient way as a desktop computer. The new model has a good display and advanced video adapter, and the integration of these components provides a high performance for the graphical parts of applications.


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