AIMA's alternative investments and work principles

AIMA is a leading global hedge fund and an alternative investment industry association. This abbreviation includes the team of leading professional investors of over seven hundred corporate members in forty three countries. Founded in 1990, AIMA is a not-for-profit global trade association, dealing specifically with hedge funds, managed futures and managed currency funds. The principles of its work and success are stated below.

The Alternative Investments Market (AIM) is a sub-market, allowing smaller companies to float shares with a more flexible regulatory system than it is in the Main Market. There is a strong need for the companies, managing the control and help for this hedge segment of market investments. AIMA is one of such investor's partners and its corporate workers enable the Association to create global tools for the benefit of its members, institutional investors and regulators. Its aim is to increase an investor education, transparency and to promote.

AIMA's membership includes a fund of funds managers, institutional investors, hedge fund managers, prime brokers, exchanges, fund administrators, auditors, lawyers and other specialist service providers. The working group of AIMA consists of members, which work on any regulatory consultation and all sectors of the alternative investment management industry in the UK and Ireland. It uses new investment strategies, new institutional investment approaches and new distribution channels, which will drive and lead the industry in the years ahead.

The principles of AIMA's work reject the suggestion that standards of systems and controls, compliance and risk management are lower among the hedge fund managers than the other, higher regulated firms. The AIMA professionals lower the hedge risks due to its global membership and it regards fundamental, practical, legal and tax considerations, when selecting and appointing Directors of alternative funds.

The AIMA administration deals with investors, fund of funds managers, hedge fund managers, managed futures managers and prime brokers. It also provides them with helpful guides in every fund sphere they concern. The guides grant much useful information, concerning the hedge fund management businesses and assets within them. Typically, the small hedge fund businesses manage very large amounts of assets, which may influence significantly the investing policy in every certain case.

The Alternative Investment Management Association Limited remains the only professional trade association, representing the hedge fund industry in the UK. It is also the association with a worldwide membership, representing the alternative investment management industry. The AIMA alternative investments points also include managers, dealing with such specific services, like prime brokerage, administration, legal or accounting, auditing and tax advisory services. Its not-for-profit educational and research body comprises globally over nine hundred and twenty firms with over two hundred and seventy members in the UK. Among them you will meet the leading hedge fund managers, counterparties and professional advisers.

The three whales of AIMA are an education, regulation and sound practices. Its integration of skill-based investments in the investment management and national securities' regulators and fiscal bodies helps the investors and all parties to achieve their objectives with minimized risks and get profits. The whole range of its enumerated privileges can give a reasonable way to a thought that this exact team or professional investors is, by all means, the one to rely on.

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