A great opportunity to learn the work of advertising agencies in Asia

The program ?Advertising in Asia? will take place from May, 14 to June 17, 2006. For five weeks participants will learn about advertising in Asia. They will have an opportunity to gain some experience in three of the top commercial capitals of Asia: Tokyo, Hong Kong and Beijing. These are the most unique advertising environments not only in Asia, but in the world as well.

In 2006, the program will be in its third. Global branding is the theme of the program. It will explore the following topics: cultural characteristics of society, consumer lifestyles and orientations, branding strategies, the use of advertising media, interactive advertising, mobile marketing, sales promotions, ethical and legal issues, market research, global advertising and the state of advertising agencies in Asia.

Within the boundaries of the program the balanced coverage of theoretical and practical issues will be presented. Participants will also have an opportunity to learn about the current status of the advertising industry and its norms and ideals in Asia and visit some advertising agencies in Asia. Students will attend class sessions, which will include lectures, case studies, group discussions and student presentations, and write individual assignments and develop group projects.

All students will enhance their learning with examinations of professional perspectives and business practices; will attend guest lectures by the local faculty and business executives and visit advertising agencies in China and Japan. An integral part of the program is educational and leisure excursions.

However, students will not only study and visit advertising agencies in Asia. They will also enjoy famous sightseeing, such as shrines and mountains in Japan, Buddhist temples and harbour views in Hong Kong and the Great Wall in Beijing; make shopping in ?shopping heavens? like Ginza in Tokyo, the Stanley Market in Hong Kong and Wangfujing in Beijing. Dragged into the commercial culture and the work of advertising agencies in Asia, students will enjoy the richness and ubiquity of advertising in these metropolises.

There are certain restrictions for the applicants. All applicants are to be at least sophomore by the time of the program. Moreover, they have to be in a good academic standing with a grade point average of at least 2.00 at the time of application, have sound knowledge of advertising principles, possess the ability to use a computer and the Internet, problem-solving skills, and be willing to work in groups.

During the trip, students will learn much not only about branding and advertising, but about other peoples? cultures and traditions as well. They will have a splendid opportunity to gain a great experience, interacting with all the types of agencies and clients about such an important topic as branding, as well as visit some exotic and very famous places of Asia.

The enrolment is limited. Although the program is open to non-MSU students, MSU students, majoring in advertising, communication or marketing, will be given an acceptance priority to. Two courses (six credits) for the program must be enrolled by the participating students. These are ADV 456 Interactive Advertising Management and ADV 492/892 Advertising in Asia.

Students, who want to take part in the program, should contact MSU Office of Study Abroad (OSA) and apply officially.


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