Adobe Photoshop CS2

Being a component of Adobe Creative Suite 2, Photoshop CS2 is the latest version of the software solution from Adobe to work with graphics.


Being a component of Adobe Creative Suite 2, Photoshop CS2 is the latest version of the software solution from Adobe to work with graphics. As well as other components of the Creative Suite ( Illustrator, InDesign, PageMaker and GoLive), the Photoshop CS2 offers a significant set of new functions and tools along with the typical functionality of the previous versions of the Photoshop. Generally, the Photoshop CS2 includes a comprehensive set of retouching, painting, drawing and Web tools to perform any image-editing task. The CS2 version includes additional tools for working with RAW-images, received from the digital cameras.

Among the most vivid new tools, added into the Photoshop CS2, is the Vanishing Point filter, allowing the retouch of the images, based on the perspectives of the image itself. The new version of the graphical solution makes it easier and more comfortable to work with the layers of the image. The CS2 pack allows to work with the layers as with the ordinary objects; the user may paste several layers and move them simultaneously without grouping them into one object.

One more new feature of the Photoshop CS2 is the Smart Objects function. Any layer or a combination of several layers can be transformed into a Smart Object, which, then, becomes a kind of a separate document inside of the parent file. The main advantage of the Smart Objects is that the user may transform them as it is needed and the parameters of actions can be modified or changed at any moment. When the user creates copies of the smart object and edits the original, all the changes will be automatically applied to the copies of the object.

The Image Warp, Spot Healing and One Touch Red-Eye Reduction are also among the interesting and most widely used tools in the Photoshop CS2. They serve to ease the routine tasks of the designer. For instance, the One Touch Red-Eye Reduction tool helps to delete the red-eye effect from the photograph with a single operation and the Spot-Healing tool helps to fix the pixel-size defects on the image.

The number of filters, available in the Photoshop CS2, is bigger in comparison with the previous version. Currently, there are many filters, called to improve the quality of the images and to correct the defects, appeared on the images due to the low quality lens in the digital cameras of amateur class. For instance, the Noise Reduction filter helps to reduce the noise defects on the digital photographs and also, the Smart Sharpen module is capable to sharpen the images on the basis of a special intelligent algorithm.

Finally, the Photoshop CS2 offers new functions to manage and edit the RAW files from the digital cameras. Nowadays, the software solution has a special import tool, which can import and open unlimited number of the RAW files with the automatic choosing of the quality settings for the whole set of the imported images.

With the new CS2 version of the Photoshop, Adobe proves once more its position of the world-known leader on the market of the software solutions for the work with the graphical files and content.

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