128mb ATI Radeon video card

If you are looking for a good and non expensive video card, then 128MV ATI Radeon can be a good choice for you. These models of video cards stand in a low-end segment of prices. Thus, there is no need to purchase an expensive 512 MB model. Graphical adapters on the base RV370 or RV380 chips can be sufficient to solve the most part of graphical tasks for modern home computers.

The last line of the graphical processors of the ATI Radeon video card includes four chips. They are a budget RV370, a mass RV380, RV410 and also a sound RV420. ATI supports a perspective graphical interface PCI Express (PCI-E) x16 for all new graphical adapters. The usage of this interface is very attractive, since it theoretically has a capacity of 4 GB per second. Currently, some of crystals like RV380 and RV420 have two modifications for AGP and PCI-E buses. At the same time, a new chip RV410 should be used only for PCI Express buses.

All chips for a new family of 256 MB and 128MB ATI Radeon video cards support a software interface API DirectX 9.0 on a hardware level. 128MB ATI Radeon video cards on the base of initial level processors RV370 possess a marker X300. These products are implemented by different producers; hence, their price may vary from sixty US dollars for a non branded product up to seventy five dollars for the most simple product from the famous producer (like X300 SE).

Announced characteristics of RV270 are very honest. The chip works with a clock rate 325 MHz and it has four pixel conveyors. There are also two blocks for top shaders handling. Actually, RV370 were the first serial processors from ATI, which are produced by the 0.11 mkm technology.

The video cards on the base of this chip, including the original 128MB ATI Radeon, use a DDR video memory. The efficiency clock rate of the memory is 400 MHz. A memory bus can be 64bit (like the X300 SE modification) or 128 digits. A minimal volume of the supported video memory is 64 MB and a maximal one is 256 MB. Therefore, the most part of the video cards, based on RV370, has 128 MB onboard. Models X300 SE are able to work with a video memory volume up to 128 MB.

There are full size or low profile video accelerators on the base of the chip X300. Hence, the 128MB ATI Radeon or another modification of such product can be installed to chassis with compact gabarits as well. There are different models of video cards with varied sets of inputs and outputs. The 128 MB ATI Radeon can have one S-Video output or digital interfaces with a video input and a video output. The performance of these video cards is not high. However, this parameter is much higher than of the old leader of the budget segment Radeon 9200 (9250). This difference is possible due to higher frequencies of the graphical kernel and memory work.

The video cards on the base of the RV380 chip are marked as X600.These cards can have two modifications, which are different by work frequencies of the graphical kernel and video memory. The modification X600 Pro has a kernel frequency 400 MHz and an efficient frequency of the video memory 600 MHz. The elder modification X600 XT has a kernel clock 500 MHz and a memory clock from 660 to 760 MHz. Both modifications support a DDR memory and a bus width of 128 bit. The processor RV380 has four pixel conveyors and two blocks for top shaders processing. Chips are made by the 0.12 mkm technological process.

The performance of the X600 for game applications is significantly higher than for the X300. You can use this video card to play Doom 3 with the settings, different from the minimal ones. The price for high quality video cards on the base of X600 Pro starts from one hundred and fifty dollars. It may be an optimal choice for you by price and quality ratio.


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