Understanding Gemini astrology and navigating daily horoscopes

Thanks to the internet and the daily papers, horoscopes are now as popular as ever. There are thousands of sites devoted to astrology and various horoscopes, but which sites are good. To understand horoscopes and decipher the sites we must first understand signs, so let's start with Gemini astrology. Gemini's are one of the more interesting signs on the astrological chart.
To begin discussing gemini astrology, and gemini love horoscopes, which are a big business these days, we must first learn to understand this most interesting of signs. The gemini usually prove to be quite the unusual, divisive, ironic sort. They are a sun sign which makes them fiery. It also makes them dominant. In fact, they are often somewhat bossy and intrusive, yet part of talking to people requires that you listen. Their symbol is the twin, which quite amply belies their plural nature. They tend to be able to see both sides of a story or an argument, and usually tend to agree with both sides which usually makes them come off as soft or elusive when they are quite the opposite. It seems that their very nature is that of the opposite.

Usually Gemini astrology is based in this plurality. They like to talk and they like to gossip, but they don't like to be talked about or invaded upon. They are naturally inquisitive, affluent, and usually intellectual and outgoing, but are thoughtful and introspective as well. They are not afraid to go out on a limb but don't like to take too many chances. Often gemini astrology and their daily horoscopes are scattered in many directions, as gemini's them selves are often working on multiple tiers, their brains going in multiple directions.

In most cases, gemini love horoscopes tend to direct gemini's to their polar opposites like the pisces or the scorpio's, as gemini's thrive on heat and action, and the old theory of positive and negative come into play. Conventional gemini astrology would tell you that in most cases gemini's need many lovers, as their plural nature cannot be appeased by one lover or even a few.
Sexually and romantically, via the research available, gemini astrology is varied in its opinion on the gemini's ability to find happiness. Some believe they can find happiness with just the right partner, most believe they will never be satiated no matter how many lovers they have. From astrology.com to astrology online to Horoscopes by Jean, the school of thought on this erratic sign is all over the map, much like most Gemini themselves. One thing they all seem to agree on is that Gemini usually seem to be attracted to other Gemini, which makes perfect sense. They most likely need that which only someone like themselves, with a multifaceted personality could give them

The gemini require someone that will let them run but yet will keep them grounded, someone to talk to, but someone who will leave them alone when they need space, someone who expresses themselves, and someone who can push and yet needs to be pushed. Essentially they need someone just like themselves. Most likely a gemini will find true happiness only with another explorative gemini.

Essentially gemini astrology is far from an exact science, but it is a good guide to help this sign that is so full of life find its way. When researching gemini astrology, though, it is best to remember that even twins are individual from each other, and it is this uniqueness that defines the fiery gemini. Gemini are truly the most interesting of zodiac signs, as both mouths of their twin nature will tell you.
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