The Making of Soul Stories.

The stories are touching and kindle new hope in the hearts of many, these tales of soul mates meeting and living happily ever after. Are they real? Soul stories are those in which well intended couples meet and fall in-love. We hear of their stories in the beginning, the new, the fresh. But what about the ending? Is it really "Happily ever after"? We never really know-do we?
All of the online dating companies run television commercial advertisements while smiling couples hugging and professing their love for one another. This makes me sick! I'm not denying their happiness, but the companies pay these people to act like the online dating service is fool proof, that it is the be-all, end all for finding your soul mate.

Soul stories begin well enough, it's all rosy and warm fuzzies. We see the beginnings of what promises to be a wonderful life long relationship. These soul stories usually begin by someone filling out a profile and the online dating company "matching up" compatible profiles. The information used to "match up" these profiles sometimes involves the zodiac signs of the two soul singles.

There is no doubt that if someone is completely honest with themselves and others that a "match" could be found for someone seeking their soul mate. If there is nothing in the profile that would lead a potential mat to believe things about the other person that are really not true, like his net worth or weight, then I do believe that there is love to be found by anyone.

Soul stories are wonderful stories of hope that encourage those suffering with loneliness to take a chance, to reach out and realize that they do have something to offer to someone out there. People who are recently divorced and have children, for instance, may be convinced that no one wants to be "saddled" with children that are not their own. This is a lie anyway! There may be others who have been told they are "unlovable". Not necessarily told that by any one person per se, but lead to believe that by someone's actions that they were less than worthy of romantic love.

Soul stories can be sad, too. Soul stories of star-crossed lovers that meet only to be torn apart by illness, tragic events or some quirk of fate all too soon. The movie "You've Got Mail" is the story in which Tom Hanks portrays a tycoon who comes to town to take over a small town's family owned book store. The owner of the store, played by Meg Ryan chats on line with a guy about her problems who makes suggestions as to what she can do to fix her problem. It turns out that Tom Hanks' character is actually the mystery man Meg's character chats with online. When they finally figure t his out, it's a great romance that insues. But in the soul story told in the movie with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan; City of Angels, the two meet and as soon as they find true love conquers all, Meg is fatally wounded in a freak truck/animal accident on a country road. Nicholas, who is an angel in this movie, is left all alone on earth after trading in his wings for Meg. If I were the next guy, I think I'd steer away from Meg Ryan! No offense Ms. Ryan.

I wouldn't trust my heart to a soul story, that is, if I didn't have my own. My husband and I have both been married before and now, successfully and wonderfully blending our two families, are convinced that we were soul mates being handcrafted for one another for "a time such as this" to meet and spend our lives happily ever after.
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