The life and work of astrologer Carlos Raitzin

Dr. Carlos Raitzin was both a historian of astrology as well as a renowned astrologer himself. Dr. Raitzin was a respected librarian of the history of astrology, deeply influenced by the work of Jean Baptiste Morin de Villefranche. Raitzin helped proffer the legendary work of Morin, particularly work involved with the theory of Astrological Determinations.
Carlos Raitzin was a literal historian and scholarly librarian who chronicled and interpreted the long and unusual path that the science of astrology has followed. He also divined and modified the work of the legendary astrologers that have pioneered the field since the days of the middle ages. Carlos Raitzin was deeply affected by the work of Jean Baptiste Morin de Villefranche, who was a pioneering sixteenth century astrologer who secretly divined natal charts for the likes of Cardinal Richelieu and the kings and queens of France during a time when astrology was largely considered taboo and looked down upon by the all powerful Catholic Church. He even published and interpreted Morin's very own Natal Chart and spent six years studying his theories at one point. Dr. Carlos Raitzin strongly admired the great astrologers of history, such as Morin, Jean Hieroz, and Erich Karl Kuhr, among many others, ultimately securing his own place amongst the pantheon of influential astrologers throughout history.

Carlos Raitzin spent his lifetime working to ensure that the works of the great astrologers from years and ages gone by were both appreciated and learned from. He wrote essays and bibliographies dedicated to the works of these legendary astrologers, interpreting the importance of their lifelong studies and works for the modern age of astrologers to be able to utilize these schools of thought as a tool of growth. Morin in particular caught the fancy of Carlos Raitzin, especially with his work in the fields of the Theory of Determinations, natal charts, and revolutions, all of which are still followed and used to this very day. Raitzin admired Morin's ability to use two schools of thought expertly, both of which were prevalent in his day involving revolutions. These philosophies are called the Regiomontanus House System, and the Placidus System, which Morin used divining Natal charts as only a master could.

Utilizing his knowledge of the history and inner workings of astrology, Carlos Raitzin used the growth of technology and the internet to spread and put Morin's theories into practice with his own spin. He devised mathematic equations to divine more accurate astrological methods that are more practical for every day use, writing thesis after thesis on the ancient greats' varied works and scoffed at astrologers that made fun of, or toyed with astrology as a hobby versus the science that it has become. He believed that most every day astrologers did not dig deep enough into the available information to divine accurate Natal Charts or horoscopes.

Dr. Carlos Raitzin was born in nineteen thirty-seven and passed away in two thousand and one. Dr. Raitzin most definitely belongs amongst the canon of great astrologers alongside his beloved Morin, as a scientist and librarian that furthered the cause and legitimacy of modern astrology as we know it today. Without Dr. Raitzin, a large school of thought that utilizes scientific data for astrological purposes might have been lost for all time.
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