Teleology is a belief in God

The easiest way to describe teleology is to compare it to the word fate. Someone that believes in teleology believes in a grand design. They believe that God or an external force control things that happen here on Earth. Teleology simply refers to the grand design that created the universe. Nothing happens accidentally. Nothing is a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason, is predetermined, and therefore can be read. Were it not for a belief in teleology, fortune telling would not be possible.
The definition of teleology, according to the dictionary, is the belief in or philosophy of grand design, in purpose, in directive principle, or finality in nature or human creations. To say it much simply, it is the belief in fate, in God, or that all things are predetermined or predestined to happen. Teleology is the practice of this or study of this belief. Teleology is the opposite of the chaos theory or the theory of naturism. Potentially, if carried out, teleology is the belief that whatever you do or think was meant to happen, therefore it could be read by an astrologer for instance. Teleology is an acceptance of fate itself, believing that things that happen are out of your hands. Teleology fundamentally is the basis for almost all things religious, and for most things astrological as well. Teleology actually is the fundamental thread that ties together anything involving a belief in God, exterior forces, or anything that influences and controls human lives. Essentially the world is divided into two types of people, people that believe in teleology and people that do not. Either you believe in God or you don't. Either you believe that things are in your hands or you do not. You believe in fate or you don't, it's that simple. Teleology is discussed by all philosophy too, as philosophy presupposes to discuss the existence of God, and even, in some cases such as existentialism, the belief in the existence of humanity itself.

That being said, in order to understand how astrology works and how fortune telling and horoscopes are possible, you must understand teleology. In order to be able to predict things, things must be predetermined or predestined. Things must be set in motion before they happen, or designed, if they are to be read and called out ahead of time. Without teleology, predictions would not be possible. One can't predict something if it wasn't "meant" to happen. If there is a great will, a collective fate, a grand design, then assuredly in this day and age, there would be signs that had occurred and reoccurred throughout history that would tip this great plan, and people would then be able to read these signs and make predictions. It is only logical to think that if there is a God and our actions are controlled, then there must be some way to read these plans. There was a wonderfully funny movie called Time Bandits in the nineteen eighties made by Terry Gilliam that covered that topic with great satire. Not only was there a god and a devil, but God had plans, actual blueprints, which were stolen and explored. Of course this was simple for humorous purposes, but if there are plans there must be loop holes.

Teleology and the belief in it was the basis for the story of that film. Teleology actually affects all lives, it is one of those rare things that everyone must come to terms with, the question of faith and belief in a higher power, it transcends language and boundaries, mountains and guns, as sooner or later we all choose to believe in teleology, or we don't. Then again, perhaps our beliefs were chosen for us a long time ago.
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