Let's Drink to Esoteric Cosmology

There are a few theories regarding the origins of the universe. There is the Big Bang Theory and there are some other theories as to the origins of the universe such as God created the universe and everything in it. Astronomy is a branch of science that deals with the stars and other objects outside the universe.
Science is a discipline that is taught in all levels of school ranging from elementary school to college all over the world. There are many subjects taught under the umbrella of the subjects human beings label science. I always liked studying science in school especially biology and astronomy. I even took classes in marine biology and astronomy in college. In addition, I have a telescope to look at the stars at night; plus there is nothing more romantic than looking up at the stars at night with a significant other. In fact, after I bought my first telescope I became very interested in astronomy in general and cosmology in particular. However, it must be stated that esoteric cosmology is hard to understand for beginning to advanced scientists or just lovers of astronomy. Cosmology is a very interesting if not a very hard science to comprehend even if it isn't leading up to esoteric cosmology. Esoteric cosmology involves the study of some theories of the structure and the origins of the universe that only a small segment of the scientific community would fully comprehend. Let's drink to esoteric cosmology.

Astronomy involves the science of objects and matter beyond the earth's atmosphere. In the category of astronomy there exists a branch of science called cosmology which specializes in the study of the origin and structure of the universe; in fact cosmology falls under the category of science called astronomy. There have been many theories as to the origins of the universe. One popular theory as to the origins of the universe is called the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang is a scientific theory in astronomy that states the universe originated in a single explosion, which was labeled big bang from a single point of nearly infinite energy density. There are some theories of the origin that challenge the Big Bang theory The theories regarding the origin of the universe that challenge the Big Bang theory are probably what scientists would label esoteric cosmology . I especially like talking about the planets and the stars. In addition, I am very interested in understanding the thought processes behind the decision that declared that Pluto was no longer considered part of the nine planets that made up the universe as human beings know it. Since Pluto is no longer considered part of the nine planets that make up the universe as we have known it for years I wonder what Pluto is considered now Could Pluto be labeled another star in the galaxy? I hope so otherwise Pluto might feel abandoned by the scientific community. This Pluto planet problem is what I would chalk up to esoteric cosmology. I hope that scientists who deal with astronomy in general and cosmology in particular never claim that earth is no longer considered a planet. I also wonder what will happen to Pluto; please stay tuned to esoteric cosmology fans.

Science is a great subject to study at any stage in a person's education. In fact, looking at and studying the planets and the stars is a great hobby to get involved with every once in a while. There is nothing more romantic than looking up at the stars on a clear night with a significant others. In fact, I got interested in astronomy and cosmology at a very early age However; I would consider myself to be an amateur scientist at best so I probably view most of cosmology as esoteric cosmology.
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