Just what the heck are astrological glyphs

Okay, unless you were born a gypsy, or are a serious astrologer, like most people you've never heard of an astrological glyph. What is an astrological glyph? What does it say about or do for you? Will I ever need to understand or recognize an astrological glyph or any other astrology symbol? In order to find the answer to these questions we must first find out exactly what a glyph is.
An astrological glyph is very simply a symbol, but as it is with most things, it's not quite that simple. Astrological glyphs are believed to have originated sometime during the Middle Ages, during the early years of organized recorded astrology. Astrological glyphs represent the planets, aspects, and signs. To the everyday layman, the astrological glyphs look like archaic lines, scribble, or drawings, but to an astrologer they are invaluable as a tool to plot out an accurate individual everyday horoscope. Astrological glyphs are merely an astrology symbol, similar to that of the archer, bull, or ram, but they resemble stick figure or minimalist renditions.

If you've ever had an astrologer make a chart, they would appear on the astrology wheel, or even on the natal chart. They are prevalent symbols in the ephemeris, which is an old astrological text that expounds on the daily placement of the planets, their gravitational pulls, and effects on the human personality. They are the more gothic, or romantic symbols of the days gone by, memorable from stories of palm readers and carnie Gypsies, though they certainly have their place in the science of astrology aside from the folklore.

In total there are thirty-four signs, representing the sun, moon, planet, and so on. The breakdown is fairly simple, twelve Zodiac signs, twelve houses, and ten planets. On any given day the way these symbols line up in comparison to the way the planets are positioned in the universe, the date and time you were born, in what house and in what sign, can help a seasoned astrologer to predict or determine your accurate horoscope. It is an advanced tool for an expert to use to help divine a specific horoscope.

In ancient times you would need to track down a scholar to interpret all of this knowledge and history for you, or wait for one to come to town once a year or so, but today there are a number of quality services on the internet that are very cost effective that will mine your data and make a chart for you, and of course there is still the most accurate and personal option of having a live reading done by a professional astrologer. They are not hard to find in any big city, or even in most small ones. If you follow astrology at all, it is most interesting and enjoyable to have a personal chart done for yourself. If the proper information is given, it is uncanny how accurately a good chart can predict your personality, traits and habits.

Honestly astrological glyphs are not really that important for everyone to be able to decipher, but to get an accurate horoscope, it is good to know what they are, and better to have a professional decipher the glyphs, or astrology symbol for you. A good astrologer can tell you what they mean and why.

Next time you check your horoscope, look near your sign and you'll most likely find your astrological glyph right at the heading. Most people have seen them for years and just never knew what they were, or why they were there. They are just one more tool for an accurate astrologer to use to help divine your horoscope.
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