Astrology moon signs and what they say about you

While just about everyone knows what their sun signs are, you can't take a trip through the internet or read a newspaper without finding your horoscope, which is a reading of your sun sign, not many are familiar with the moon sign. The moon sign is the sign the moon was in when you were born, at the exact time you were born. What does your moon sign have to say about you?
For every Yin there's a yang, for every male there's a female, and for the sun there is the moon. The astrological moon sign is a little known piece to the puzzle that is astrology, in fact, it is a major key. To get an accurate reading, really, one must know their sun signs as well as their astrology moon signs. The astrology moon signs are the signs that the lunar rotation, or moon, was in at the exact time and date that you were born. The sun signs are the common signs that everyone knows, I was born December 14th so I'm a Sagittarius, I look up Sagittarius next to the funnies in the paper, and voila, I get a generic horoscope, but to get an accurate horoscope there are other factors, primarily of importance are your astrology moon signs. The sun sign helps to tell the predominant traits that affect your personality. It is considered the fire sign or the dominant male sign. The astrology moon signs tell of the more innate traits of your personality, the more reactionary traits. The moon represents passive energy, or it is the female astrological sign when it is compared to the sun's male dominate fiery sign.

The moon sign is a better tool to tell of your intransigent, receptive actions or reactions, whereas the fire sign is used to predict your proactive tendencies or your general line of thought. Let's go back to the above example. Say you are a Sagittarius but you were born with an Aries moon sign, the sign of the sometimes bullheaded ram. Sounds like a catastrophe doesn't it? It's not so bad when you look closely.

This example tells us many things, since your sun sign sums up your primary traits, your likely actions and thoughts, while the moon sign describes your emotional side, or your likely reactions. Sun equals thought and action, moon equals emotion and reaction.

In the case above, with a sun sign in Sagittarius, the standard astrological profile tells us that this person is outgoing, reckless, loves the outdoors and nature, and is very loyal, caring, highly spur of the moment, carefree, and independent. The moon sign on the other hand is in that of Aries, which tells us that emotionally this person is head strong, fearless, possesses leadership skills, lacks tact and is blunt. This person, then, would tend to be a natural leader, unafraid to say what they see, often to a fault, yet loyal and generally giving of personal space, which they would require themselves. Really to get a total picture of one's personality there is plenty of other info required, such as rising signs, and so forth. It is best to remember when trying to get a complete picture of anything, the more information available, the more complete the picture will be. Secondarily to your sun sign, though, your moon sign is vital.

Your astrology moon sign can be found at a myriad of websites, or by contacting an astrologer. By learning this information and utilizing this valuable tool, you can begin to understand the over all science of astrology, and can learn to read your own traits. You'll find your moon sign, with a little help, is not that hard to read.
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