Astrology: Divining the cancer horoscope

Every person is unique, and everybody is different, but astrology tells us that people born at certain times of year carry similar traits. Those born between June twenty-first and July twenty-second are born under the Cancer sign. A negative name for certain, but what of the people known as Cancer? Are they negative and bitter, or are they the exact opposite?
The Cancer sign seems to be an oxymoron. They are nothing like the disease that shres their sign's name. Cancers, in fact, tend to be loving and constructive, not all consuming and destructive, like the name may tend to intone. They seem to have a need for life outside their own in order to be able to function. Once they find the love and nurture that they need, cancers tend to build and create at an incredibly productive clip.

A little research on the cancer sign reveals that in most cases cancers tend to be very loving and outward. Reading a cancer horoscope conveys their genuine lusty nature day after day after day. Once released from their inhibitions, often with the help of a supportive other, Cancer's can be the wildest of the bunch and can become the center of any party. Cancer's have a lust for life and a zest for all that the world has to offer coupled with a unique will to give everything they have to any task that they undertake. In many instances, cancer daily horoscopes scold the sign for being too giving and not selfish enough. They tend to hamstring their selves with a lack of focus and an inability to set selfish materialistic goals. They require love like a plant requires sunlight, and when fuelled by a loving relationship, tend to blossom and flourish like a rose in bloom.

The cancer horoscope is usually a straight forward, buckle down, pay attention, focus sort of a message. They tend to stray from the path if they don't keep the eye on their prize; however, a Cancer in a healthy relationship is usually unstoppable. According to the cancer horoscope, cancers can be touchy and moody, introspective, and self abasing. It is most important in love relationships and sexual encounters for the typical cancer to find a loving supportive partner, someone who is caring and tends to reinforce the insecurities that come so naturally to a cancer. The cancer horoscope, if effective, tends to be stripped down and instructive.

The cancer sign is a sun sign, and although they tend to need support, once unleashed with proper confidence and a loving support system, cancers tend to be unstoppable, hot and explosive like the sun itself, hard working, single minded, and hell bent with unbelievable determination. In short, cancers generally need to find a support system, be it an admirer, friend, lover, family member, or even a pet to help ground them, give them confidence and help them stay focused. When this happens cancers tend to become the life of the party, exceptional lovers, and generally tend to excel at whatever they do.

All told, the average cancer is as far from the disease that bears the same name as their sign as you can imagine. They build instead of destroying, and tend to need good will and love to build their own ability to function at the highest of levels. Instead of sucking the life from everything they use the warmth and joy of life and love to build a positive existence, and tend to become one with their friends and family. Once adjusted to their surroundings, Cancers can in fact be the healthiest most loving of signs.
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