Astrological basketball championship predictions

What is the best way to predict basketball championships in the NBA or college arena? Is there a best way to predict basketball games and championships at all, or is it all a crap shoot? Of course there's no guaranteed way to predict games of any sort or we'd all be rich placing wagers and living the high life in Las Vegas, but some ways of prediction are more accurate than others.
Basketball is a complex game, particularly at the highest of levels. There's your starters, your scheme, your philosophy of play, be it offense or defensive. There's the sixth man to account for, home court advantage, individual idiosyncrasies like the fact that Duke always seems to get the call, right or wrong, all of the time. Even if you have a handle on the sport and follow it closely, there are so many things that you can't count on or factor in. Injuries, sicknesses, late night parties that lead to gunplay, suspensions, ejections, technical fouls, and rivalries are all things that affect the outcomes of games.

Rivalries can be huge factors in basketball championship predictions. Too many times a dead on favorite has been derailed by an old rival that is having a bad season but manages to get up for one game as if its their last, while a tired favorite drags its feet into the game not paying attention because they assume that a win against a weaker opponent is a given. Basketball championship predictions are sketchy at best, but factor in an angry North Carolina team in an off season hosting a coasting Duke, or a three shooting NC State team slipping into Maryland and stealing a win and your whole season can be thrown away. On top of that, in the NCAA, to predict a champion, you have to accurately divine a path through sixty five teams over five rounds with a play in game, in a tournament that routinely is rife with upsets. They don't call it March madness for nothing. In the NBA the schedule is brutal. Come playoff time most teams are shells of their former selves from way back in October when the season began.

Basketball championship predictions are no easy task for a layman or an expert. So what of an astrologer or fortune teller? They might be able to divine lunar secrets from player charts, using years of expertise making predictions based on stellar trends. It couldn't be worse than listening to the guys on ESPN. Stephen Davis is no better at predicting basketball champions than Stephen King. Astrology has grown quite a following, and the science itself has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few decades. There is even an astrologer that predicts games based on Natal Charts of players for Oakland Athletics radio and has been doing so for the past five seasons. Perhaps its time to get some astrologers to go on record with their basketball championship predictions, see if they can't do better than the so-called sports experts? It happened a few years back when a group of astrologers got together and predicted, via astrological research, that the heavily favored United States team would lose the World Championship, and low and behold if the Dream Team didn't bow down to defeat. Perhaps astrological predictions of basketball seasons, men's basketball predictions, and championship predictions might not be as given as a call, say, going Duke's way at Coach K court in Carolina on tobacco row, but it's certainly got a higher probability of success than making an educated guess using stats and records to come to a decision. That's just like throwing a dart at a board full of teams. If you hit the board you have a one in thirty or so chance.
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