Astrologer Milton Black

Milton Black, world renowned astrologer is reported to have the largest full time, private consulting practice in Australia. His international clientele exceeds 475 thousand, while his website attracts an average of 12,500,000 hits per year. Milton Black is presently rated in the top ten astrologers in the world by the Federation of American Astrologers.
Milton Black is renowned for his uncanny and accurate forecasts on world politics and economics. Many politicians and economists lend an ear to hear his weekly predications, about future global economical trends, including subsequent stock market directions and possible overtones. Milton is available as a guest speaker for corporate seminars and conferences, any club functions that you may have as well as media interviews and private consultations. Booking him for a party sounds fun, huh? Can you imagine setting your worst enemy up for a psychic reading with him? You could find out all you wanted to know to undermine their life plans. Or bringing in your boyfriend or spouse...that would be might find out things you really didn't want to know. Is it right to get a prediction? Shouldn't we live our lives and find out what fate has in store? Or should we take Milton Black's seemingly "accurate" predictions to heart and make investments of time and money in those directions? Some actually do!

Milton Black currently writes the weekly lucky numbers column and special Numerological features for the popular women's magazine Women's Day. Prior to Women's Day, Milton Black predicted and wrote the weekly stars, stock market investment column for John Fairfax Money Manager F2 Internet services for four years. He also wrote the weekly stars column in New Idea Magazine for sixteen years. Milton Black's numerous television appearances include 7.30 Report, Good Morning Australia and for the past seven years, a segment on astrological lucky racing numbers and colors for the Melbourne Cup. On radio, he has appeared on most national and independent radio stations throughout Australia and been a guest on many international media stations in the US and the United States.

Milton's first introduction to National radio and television was in 1974 when he was invited to appear as a regular guest on the ever popular "Mike Walsh Show". Since then, he has appeared on the "don Lane Show". The "Today Show" and Midday Show" with ray Martin, Derryn Hinch and Kerri-Anne Kennerley are just a few of his appearances. Milton Black has co-produced and hosted his own popular local television show Black and Beyond with Capital Television, Canberra, and his 1900 Professional "Live Astro Psychic" telephone line is hugely popular all over the nation. Since 1999, Milton Black, world famous astrologer, has written the yearly zodiac guide for international publishers Harlequin, Mills and Boon and he also wrote Dreatime Astrology for Harliquin Enterprises and was a co-author of Astrology Under The Southern Cross. Milton is a member of the American and Australian Federation of Astrologers and the Astrological Society of Great Britain. He has been involved with astrology for over forty years and also writes the monthly stars for Family Circle Magazine in the United States, the Moon Planting Guide for Better Homes and Gardens

Certainly a very practical and informative astrologer, broadcaster and entertainer, Milton Black's predictions are appreciated and respected by the most critical skeptic.
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