Astrologer AL Morrison

The science of astrology is awe inspiring and delving in to mysterious beliefs pulling us more and more towards its charisma. And undoubtedly all its whims and dynamics are controlled by the one and only astrologer. Today we're going to learn about one such great astrologer of 20th century Al H. Morrison. He was an outstanding astrologer who communicated with great resolve and insight. Al could be quite critical and emphatic and at the same time dead serious.
Cancer an Al Morrison was an important figure in the New York and international astrology community for decades. He taught, wrote and was very involved in groups. He found the Congress of Astrological organizations. He has a large fan following in Ireland and in many of the other European countries.

Publisher of the Void of Course Moon and minor planet ephemeredes, editor of CAO TIMES and President of the Astrologers Guild, he stayed on the cutting edge of astrological research while remaining rooted in tradition. Morrison studied with Marc Edmund Jones, Barbara Watters and Charles Jayne whose influences are apparent in his work. His research continued over 50 years of study. Because of his aggressive behavior sometimes, Al Morrison's lectures and involvement in astrological organizations was limited.

Al Morrison was a brilliant innovator and steadfast researcher. Once he was convinced of the importance of some technique or chart factor, he just stuck to it with typical cancer Ian tenacity and advocated for it with anyone who would lend an ear. AS Lorraine Welsh said in her NCGR tribute to him, if Eleanor Bach was the "Mother of Asteroids", Al Morrison was surely the father, for he supported her work and freely distributed ephemerides of some asteroids he considered worthy of distribution.

Al Morrison was born on 8th July 1916 in a small village in Arkansas. He lived much of his life in the city of New York and had periodic contact with such prominent astrologers as Charles Emerson, Charles Jayne and Hans Niggerman, all of whom took an interest in Uranian astrology. While Al did not call himself a Uranian astrologer he was one of the most enthusiastic supporters of research on new planetary factors and contributed significantly to the publication of ephemeredes for newly discovered asteroids and planetoids. He printed one of the first ephemerides of Chiron and supported related research enthusiastically.
With Aries rising, he spoke directly and locked horns with a number of astrologers, yet persistently moved forward with what he called "clean, clear astrology". He supported people's efforts in research and their efforts to clear up astrological misconceptions. Al did not suffer fools gladly. He appeared to be motivated primarily to publish and proliferate sound new ideas that promoted human and social evolution and contributed something original to the field of astrology. Al Morrison studied the Void of Course moon for over 45 years and his conclusion was that the moon was void after its last Ptolemaic aspect to the sun or one of the planets, and that the semisextile, quincunx, or other minor aspect could not save the moon from being void. He also concluded that neither Chiron nor the asteroids could stop the moon from being void either. Al supported the traditional definition. Till date the pontifications of Al Morrison are truly the astrological gems of wisdom. Al was a great teacher, imbuing his students with a respect and love for the profession astrology.
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