Aries astrology, Ram tough...

There's more to the ram than meets the eye. They are set in their ways and stubborn, but also protective, territorial, and loyal. In the case of the Aries Zodiac, which is amply represented by the ram, they are also honest and compassionate. Aries astrology is no exact science, but as Astrology has developed along with technology, it certainly offers a compelling profile of certain people. Upon inspection we find that the Aries were born to lead.
If you were born between March twenty-first and April twentieth, then your sun sign makes you an Aries. The good news is that you were born to lead and succeed, the bad news is that leadership often walks down a lonely combative path.

Aries is the symbol of strength, it is characterized by the ram, and its glyph is the color red, the color of fire and the sun. That should tell you a lot about this stubborn loveable sign, that it is dominant and willful, but it doesn't tell the whole story. Yes it is true that Aries are headstrong, and yes it is true that most Aries like to be in control, but it is also true that Aries are generally honest to a fault, often accused of being blunt, and usually deserve to be in control. Aries astrology tells us that they are headstrong and determined, but also organized and persistent. A careful reading of Aries astrology tells us that the Aries Zodiac is represented by mercury, the red planet, the planet of war, which fits the dominant profile of the Aries, but it also makes them generally great leaders. Many famous leaders, including Thomas Jefferson and General George S. Patton, were Aries. In fact these two men embody the true nature of the sign. Honest, blunt, unafraid to say or act on their feelings, in general, ram tough.

Aries astrology paints a picture of strength and determination. Aries astrology paints a picture of an outgoing will to succeed, often at all costs. The Aries, much like the ram that symbolizes the sign or the God of war that it is named after, is often a complex individual, outgoing, strong, passionate, and inventive, but all these traits have a downside. In its crazed passion to succeed, to experience and control their destiny, the Aries often exhibits a certain, almost necessary selfishness, an ability to focus solely and wholeheartedly on whatever it is that it desires. Aries are often impulsive and reckless, taking little precaution along with their zest to accomplish their goals, but those who dare and are persistent often are those that win. This leads us to a primary trait of the Aries Zodiac: they are as competitive as any sign around, and they only play to win.

Romantically speaking, the Aries generally matches up well with most passive signs, but often doesn't match up well with anyone for long periods of time unless they have a relationship that involves definitive time apart. A big part of the problem with being a leader, with being independent, is that you must have room to breathe and think.

Over all the Aries is a very unique sign, perhaps the most dominant of the dominant, a red-blooded, red tempered, life loving sign through and through. Aries are the type of person that blow into the room, organize and control the scene, and then protect their turf with a vengeance. All in all, the Aries are built to fight, and if they are fighting for you, that can be an excellent thing. If they are lined up on the opposite side, you better have a hard head or a helmet and a high tolerance for pain, because as history and astrology have shown us, the ram sure does!
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