Algebra and the myth of the rising sign

The fact of the matter is that if most of us had a P.H.D. we couldn't figure out what our rising sign is. It is a riddle more complex than even perhaps the Sphinx could decipher. It's tough enough to understand what it does. Thankfully in this day and age there are many sites devoted to helping you find your ascending sign, because apparently, it's pretty important astrologically speaking.
The rising sign is the ascending sign, or the sign that was on the tip of the Eastern horizon at the exact time that you were born. It is a confusing concept, but if astrology is based on lunar and solar positions at time of birth, it can be an integral tool in divining the path of your own peculiar personality. Think of it, for every day there is a night, for every sun there is a moon for all light there is darkness. How could you expect one general sign to divine a unique path for you when you are unique and there are so many varied things that make you precisely who you are? If you order a hamburger in Arizona after years of ordering hamburgers in Germany, don't be surprised when you don't get the exact same thing. The bread will be different, the grain that made the bread will be different, the cows that were fed by the grain will be different, and so on and so forth. Humans are the same, we're all unique. One simple sign cannot blanket us all. This leads us to more in depth astrology, more effective astrology in helping determine every day events.

Everybody is unique, so even if they follow generalized traits, there are going to be mass differences in day to day activities, hence the generalized nature of daily horoscopes. No one can predict from afar what your nature will do every time it is faced with the daily rigors of life, but if you ever have a live reading it is uncanny how closely a stranger can nail your personality if they are a decent astrologer. From afar there is not enough information to accurately predict what you might do. A personal reading's effectiveness has largely to do with the information available to an astrologer in a one on one situation. They can ask questions that tell them what your Sun sign and your Moon sign are, explaining why you are generally relaxed but chatty when nervous, or why you appear awkward in general but are cool under pressure. Essentially, the rising sign in astrology is the key to the individuality of your astrological personality. It is your astrological chromosome.

Thankfully you won't have to spend decades learning ancient math and new techniques pouring over ancient scrolls and little pocket astrology books to figure out the riddle that is your rising sign. Thanks to the internet and the huge interest in the rising sign, there are tons of sites dedicated to helping you find your very own exact birth sign.

From Astrology: rising signs to Jeff Prince to, there are literally hundreds of sites that can help you decipher your rising sign. These sites can help you to get the one on one type of assistance and individuality that you can receive from a live personal reading. Perhaps nothing makes the hair stand up on the back of the neck like a personal reading that nails your personality profile, but these days, if you search hard enough on the internet, you can come pretty close.

Thanks to modern technology, with a bit of time and effort, you can find your own birth sign, and begin to utilize rising sign astrology to its fullest potential, and maybe find some answers to questions you've been asking since the time of your actual birth.
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