1987: The year of the rabbit.

The next year of the rabbit will be in 2011. Although this particular year will be the year of the rabbit, it will be the sign tempered by the element of metal. In Chinese astrology, the rabbit is considered to be one of the most beautiful and delicate of all the animals used to symbolize characteristics and traits of individuals born in certain years. The rabbit is also considered good company and therefore makes many friends.
The year 1987 was an interesting one; the President that year was Ronald Reagan and in 1987, he met with the Soviet's Premier and asked that the Great Wall be torn down, Northwest flight 255 crashed and everyone on board, except a four year old little girl died, and Jessica McClure, a small town girl who had fallen into a well in Texas drew the attention of a nation as the attempts to save her life were televised. Those born under the year of 1987 are, in Chinese astrology signs, a fire rabbit. For people who are born under the element of fire are considered to be leaders by nature; being confident and positive in their quick ability to make decisions. Coupled by the rabbit sign, these people are usually kind and lead quiet, peaceful lives.

Resistant to change, the rabbit thrives in environments that are constant. Conservative and not really sure of themselves, the rabbit will draw close friends and rely on them in times of struggle. Without this strong foundation, many of those born under the sign of the rabbit will collapse. Keeping their homes clean and dressing as well as they can afford, the rabbit invites others into his/her house often and enjoys entertaining. Being a popular person by nature, the rabbit is usually a hard worker, doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Compatible with the Chinese astrology zodiac signs of the Goat and the Pig, the rabbit can abandon their calm and quiet nature if they are provoked. Not easily angered, the rabbit will defend his/her family and although the rabbit avoids conflict, the instinct of the rabbit will take over when it feels threatened.

Given all this information, the rabbit is someone who is well liked, is an extrovert and enjoys the company of others. They make great friends and are usually popular in school as well as in life later because their charisma and warmth naturally attract people. The rabbit would make a great friend because they have a soft heart and listen to others well. If you have conflict or strife in your life, then a rabbit is who you want to call when you need someone to lean on.

The goat and the pig, as mentioned earlier are the rabbit's two most compatible Chinese astrology signs of the zodiac. This is because while rabbits spend a lot of time on themselves in beautifying and perfecting, they need a partner who will give them a strong sense of self-worth, and expect a lot from them. The Pig, whose principles wouldn't let it dream of hurting the sensitive rabbit, will always make the rabbit happy.

While the Chinese astrology signs of the zodiac aren't always accurate, it is fun and interesting to find out what sign you were born under and, if you are a match to the characteristics and traits assigned to each individual born under the symbolic signs of the animals. Matching your partner's sign with yours is a lucky stroke of genius, unless of course, you planned it that way. Make sure to have fun with the Chinese astrology zodiac predictions and share them with your friends. This makes a wonderful way to break the ice at a party, or a wonderful party game in itself. Be open minded and enter the world of the Chinese zodiac!
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