You want it when? Are you woman enough for the three day diet?

Have you ever heard of the three day diet? Every female television star in America has boasted about the benefits of one diet plan or another. Jennifer Aniston swears by the Zone Diet and Kirstie Ally made her big come back into television and film with the help of Jenny Craig. You could try the Low-Carb Diet, the Low Sodium Diet, the Blood Type Diet, Atkins, the Glycemic Impact diet, the New Mediterranean diet, high fiber, low fiber, E diets! AAAGGHHHH! What really works? Here's the answer.
I am an experimenter by nature. I never take anyone at their word; it ALWAYS must be confirmed by some other means. In addition, I’ll try anything once whether it’s a hair color or style, a new miracle patch or pill or even a new way to cook Hu-Hu. (I betcha wanna know what Hu-Hu is-huh?) I have also experimented with all the pills, patches, diet plans and fat flushers out there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not overweight and my husband swears that I must see someone else in the mirror each morning (little does he know!) But I feel that short of forcing myself to develop an eating disorder, there’s always room for improvement!

The three day diet was introduced many years ago. There are places where you can get the information for free and there are places that charge up to $14.95 just to view the menu. The truth is I haven’t tried this one, (however now that I’ve found it I’ll have to give it a whirl!...sorry honey!) but it promises to leave you ten pounds thinner…WOW! At that rate I could weigh 100 pounds before Thanksgiving! Is the three day diet safe? Does it work? I wasn’t able to find anyone who rebuked the menu or stated that it was unsafe. The claim is actually that it is “chemically balanced with enzymes” and this is why it works. If you can eat 1 cup of string beans, 1 cup of beets a small apple and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream for day one’s dinner you might have success! The three day diet also claims that if you stay on the three day diet for 3 days then you may eat “normal” foods for 4 days then go back to the three day diet meal plan and still have success. What does “normal” food mean to someone who developed a third day diet of 3 saltine crackers, 1 slice of cheddar cheese and 1 small apple? (What is small, anyway?)

The voice of truth tells me this: The answer is that we are all different. Heredity and Genetics play a large role in what size and how tall we’re going to be and no diet plan in the world will alter that. However, with proper diet and exercise (Ouch! Did I just say that word?) anyone can attain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Yes, motivation is void in most diet plans…who wants to eat like a bird and work out like the hulk? But if you’re like me you’ve got cut outs from the Victoria’s Secret magazine taped to the inside of your cupboards, on the bathroom mirrors and tucked away under the lingerie you wore for your husband when you first got married that you don’t fit into anymore! The voice of truth also says that common sense and knowing your body will enable you to make sure you eat the right portions (“portion distortion” is an amazing American epidemic!) and make smart food choices (did you know that a Dairy Queen Blizzard can have up to 1500 calories in ONE CUP?!) you are well on your way to a slow but steady improvement in your overall health and well being. A treadmill doesn’t hurt either…that way there is no excuse that (“it’s raining”) can keep you from walking. My husband uses a phrase with our children that I used to joke about. Its origin is from the wonderful world of Golf, and it goes like this “Discipline creates performance”. The struggle to stay on the three day diet gives that phrase a whole new meaning! Good luck!
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