Wood - Emblem of a New Genre

The elegant film indursty of Hollywood has been fortunate enough to get talented actors one after the another through the succeeding ages. It is this intensity that has been able to allure the audinece from the world over making it the best till date. In this regard Elijah Jordan Wood happens to be the latest inclusion. Although acting from the prime age of eight, Wood has been most famous for his role of Frodo Baggins in the internationally acclaimed film Lord of the Rings film trilogy. However, he had his initiation in the film industry with a trivial role in the film Back to the Future Part II (1989), but even in those times Wood landed a succession of subsequent larger roles, and became a critically acclaimed child actor.
Having his birth on January 28, 1981, from the childhood Wood has been involved with the film industry of the USA. He was the middle of the three children of Debra D. Krause and Warren W. Wood. Having an English, Irish, German and Polish ancestry he was raised as an ardent follower of the catholicism. Witnessing the great interest of Wood he was admitted to a piano class, where he had the opportunity to learn from Marlene Loftsgaarden in Cedar Rapids. But it was his encounter with the play called The Sound of Music in the stage of his elementay school, that led to the growh of an interest within him. The following years were followed by another dimension that made him a coveted actor in the entire school. Being inspired by his talent he was admiited into a lot of pojects where he modelled and also in the local commercials before moving with his family to Los Angeles. It was in 1988 when Wood got his first break in a video called 'Forever Your Girl', directed by David Fincher. But it was the film called Avalon, where Wood in the role of Aidan Quinn's son excelled and that gave him a good attention in the film industry. The prime reason being the film received widespread critical acclaim and was nominated for four Academy Awards. It was in 1993 when he got his first lead role in the film The Adventure of Huck Finn. In 1994 Wood achieved his dream of acting in a quality movie when he got an opportunity to act with Kevin Costner in the film The War. His gallant performance became instrumental in gaining nomination for a 'Young Star Award'.
It was the same year 1994, when Wood achived the title role in North, that has been regarded in the history of the Hollywood film industry as a remarkable one, for the volume of bad reviews and bad box office that it received. However each bad review also contained a positive assessment of Wood's performance. Though in the meanwhile, in 1997 he acted in the Oliver Twist as the Aertful Dodger, however it failed to make any effectual impact. Even the films like Deep Impact and The Faculty, though proved trivial in respet to character development, nevertheless had been prominent reasons for great financial successes. It is said that these were the formative years that led to the rise of Wood from winsome child star to an impressive young actor. It was the film the Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Rings (2001), the first induction of the Director Peter Jackson regarding the adaptation of the literary trilogy of J.R.R. Tolkein that established the ground of Wood in the Hollywood film industry. His role as Frodo Baggins alongside illustrious actors like Sir Ian McKellen, Cate Blanchett, Christopher Lee, San Bean and sevreal others gave him the widest publicity. His astounding performance is being caried through the other films too. In the recent times Wood has almost completed his stint with The Oxford Murders, a film adaptation of the same name by Guillermo Martinez, where he is in the role of a graduate student and investigating a series of mathematically-based murders in Oxford. He is all set to appear in The Passenger, a biopic on the singer Iggy Pop as a young man.

Besides Wood is also widely populated as one of the biggest collectors of music in Hollywood. It is this love for music that propelled him to start his own record label called Simian Records in 2005.
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