Why You Should Wear A Breast Cancer Pin At Work

A breast cancer pin is a strong political statement as well as a fashion statement. Usually, we think of the workplace as an arena where strong politics and extreme fashion choices are inappropriate. However, wearing breast cancer awareness pins or other breast cancer jewelry is appropriate for any working environment, so don't be afraid to show your support for the battle against breast cancer.

Many people who wear a breast cancer pin on the weekends and in the evenings feel uncertain about whether breast cancer awareness pins are an appropriate accessory for the workplace.  Wearing a breast cancer pin is a strong fashion statement with a highly political edge, and many people feel that their office or place of business is not a place where strong fashion statements or political statements are appropriate.  However, a breast cancer pin is one of the few items that is appropriate to wear throughout the working week at your place of business.  Breast cancer awareness pins convey a sentiment that almost nobody disagrees with, and these uncontroversial accessories are quite appropriate anywhere from the workplace to a dance club to the gym.  There is no wrong place to be seen wearing a breast cancer pin.

One of the primary reasons to wear a breast cancer pin is to raise people's awareness of the magnitude of the worldwide problem that breast cancer really is for society as a whole.  It can be very easy to forget about breast cancer as we go about our daily lives.  Sometimes, we can even minimize the problem in our thoughts so that we don't feel guilty about our personal inaction in the battle against this worldwide epidemic, but most of the time people who aren't doing anything to stop breast cancer simply aren't aware of how important the fight against this disease really is.  Wearing a breast cancer pin reminds people on a daily basis of the importance of finding a cure for this terrible disease, and a breast cancer pin keeps the issue in people's minds and on people's lips.  A breast cancer pin is a statement that you care about breast cancer and that you are part of the fight against it, and wearing a breast cancer pin is a practice that encourages other people to join you.  This means that the more people see your breast cancer pin, the more valuable to the fight against breast cancer your practice of wearing a breast cancer pin becomes.

If you feel that your breast cancer pin is too casual for your workplace's dress code, consider purchasing a more formal breast cancer pin.  In addition to the traditional pink ribbon pin made out of satin, there are a variety of styles of breast cancer pin featuring the pink ribbon iconography at various different levels of formality.  If your workplace is a very formal setting, consider a small, jeweled pink ribbon pin that shimmers in a soft, delicate way.  If a breast cancer pin or brooch doesn't suit your personal workplace style, consider one of the other jewelry options available.  If you would wear a simple, elegant diamond stud earring to your workplace, you can wear small, elegant pink ribbon earrings to work instead of a breast cancer pin. 

Breast cancer jewelry is available in many styles for many tastes.  A breast cancer pin featuring a pink ribbon is the most traditional breast cancer jewelry, but it is no longer the only way to show your support for the battle against breast cancer.  If you don't want to wear a breast cancer pin in the workplace for any reason, you still have a multitude of options that may better suit your office environment or your personal style and become a regular part of your wardrobe at work.

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