Why Volleyball Is Played in So Many Places

Volleyball is a game that has come and gone periodically from the life of the woman who wrote the following article. She herself, no longer plays volleyball. She has, however, known friends and co-workers who have participated in some sort of volleyball league. She currently lives in southern California, the location for plenty of beach volleyball.
Volleyball is a “gender blind” sport. A game of volleyball often includes members of both sexes. A volleyball player does not need a special physique or a strong throwing arm. A volleyball player does not rely on any one special skill. A volleyball team can include players with many diverse skills.

Volleyball is a game that can be played either indoors or outdoors. The floor of a gymnasium converts easily into a volleyball court. An outdoor net, one placed at an appropriate level, can motivate formation of teams, teams for a game of beach, park or backyard volleyball.

A volleyball team has no set size. A volleyball team can be large enough to line the entire volleyball court with team members. A volleyball team can also consist of no more than two players.

As indicated above, volleyball is a game that can be played on any number of different surfaces. Volleyball can be played on grass, on a wood floor, on grass or even on a hard, cement-like surface. Water polo might be likened to a game of volleyball, one played in the water.

Those who enjoy playing volleyball might be the first to say that volleyball is a simple sport. Volleyball certainly does not have a lot of rules. A volley ball player does not have to learn a long list of potential fouls or violations.
Still volleyball does have some rules.

That fact once became only too apparent to a young, community college student. He had come to the United States on a student visa, and English was not his first language. He loved playing volleyball, but he struggled learning the game rules, rules on which he would have a written test.

Interestingly, that young man eventually met a young lady. That young lady had made a different sort of discovery, a discovery that related to the game of volleyball. She had found that volleyball is not always a particularly “safe” game.

That young woman had had to undergo some neurosurgery during the summer before her freshman year at college. Her neurologist had provided her with a written excuse to stay-out of the college’s physical education classes. Yet he had not talked with her about her possible pursuit of unscheduled, recreational activities.

One weekend in the early fall of her freshman year, that young girl found herself part of a volleyball game. As the ball zoomed over her head, she became only too conscious of what might happen if that ball were to hit her head. She quietly found an opportunity to leave the game, and to observe the volleyball players from the sidelines.

From that time on, that same girl tried to stay clear of any game with a flying ball. Her neurologist told her that she could go swimming, as long as she did not dive. Therefore she showed-up often at her college’s “free swim.”

Then one day after that same female college student had turned 21, she participated in a softball game. She had not initially planned to take-part in that game, but one of the youthful players explained why a 21-year old player was needed. Permission for the game had depended on appearance at the game of some adult players.
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