Why Locally Owned Hotels In Alexandria VA Are The Smart Choice For Travelers

If you are planning a trip to Alexandria, VA, you may not be aware of the fact that you can save money by staying in a locally owned hotel rather than in a well known national chain motel. Alexandria, VA hotels that are run by families are usually willing to negotiate discounts, whereas a chain will have set rates that are the same all over the country no matter if the hotel is full or not. Plus, staying in Alexandria, VA can be a lot more enjoyable if you spend time soaking up the local color in a unique, family-run hotel than if you check into a familiar and bland chain establishment.

Visitors who stay for even a single night in one of the many Alexandria, VA hotels that are located near a major highway may think that they have made a smart decision about their lodging.  After all, the hotels located nearest to the highway in Alexandria, VA are some of the least expensive lodgings in town, and many of these hotels are local branches of recognizable national chains that have positive reputations with travelers all over the country.  However, choosing one of these familiar and inexpensive Alexandria, VA hotels can prove to be less intelligent than it appears at first.

When you visit Alexandria, VA, you are probably looking to try and experience as much of this lovely Southern town's unique and special charms as your stay will allow you to do.  Many people put a lot of time and effort into researching what the most beautiful areas of Alexandria, VA are so that they can visit them during the daytime, and plenty of tourists spend hours before their trip pouring over restaurant reviews so that they can rest assured that they are sampling the finest and most distinctive local cuisines that Alexandria, VA has to offer.  However, despite their hours of research and their exhaustive efforts to get the most fun out of where they spend their waking hours and where they eat, many of these same tourists do not care at all about which of the Alexandria, VA hotels they spend their evenings in.

Many travelers are on tight budgets, and are looking to stretch every dollar they spend as much as they can so that they can afford to take a longer vacation than they would be able to do if they spent recklessly.  The fact that travelers require and prefer inexpensive lodgings is one reason why cheap chain hotels do such a good business.  However, few travelers are aware of the fact that locally owned motels often have even lower rates than their famous neighbors next door.  If you are looking for a way to travel without spending a lot of money, you may want to make the effort to try and stay in locally owned lodgings.  Families that own motels are often much more willing to give you a special deal on a room than the manager of a chain hotel might be, so if you have any negotiation skills at all you will probably be able to get a discount on your room at a family owned local motel that you would not be able to get at a well known chain motel, even if the rooms are of comparable quality and are located right next door to one another.

In addition to the fact that it can be a smart financial decision, staying in an Alexandria, VA hotel that is not a recognizable chain can be much more enjoyable than staying in a hotel that has branches all over the country.  After all, a local hotel can help you experience some authentic Alexandria, VA character.  Few things can help transform an average run of the mill stay in Alexandria, VA to a unique and unforgettable vacation experience more easily than deciding to book a room in a special, one of a kind, locally owned hotel rather than in a motel that is just one branch of a company that has rooms all over the United States.

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