Why Everyone Should Try Paintball

What greater release of tension and stress than blasting your friends with balls of paint and watching as the little globes explode? Paintball is a great way for people to get together and shoot at each other without anyone getting hurt, hopefully, and certainly without anyone getting mortally wounded. If you follow the rules it is great fun and it is also rapidly becoming a popular spectator sport.
Let me start by saying that if you have some sort of physical limitation that would make doing something like paintball hazardous to your health then please do not try it. The best way to determine if you have such a limitation is to consult your physician prior to hitting the field. If there is nothing stopping you from trying paintball then you really should try paintball. Especially if you can get a group of friends together to try paintball with you.

Paintball is a game where two opposing teams hunt each other down in a paintball arena, which is usually an outdoor arena of some sort, and blast each other with little balls of paint. Once you are hit by a ball of paint you are out. The team that eliminates all the players from the opposing team first is the winner. Then everyone loads up and they go at it again! It is great fun and everyone should try paintball at least once. It is also referred to as splat ball and paint wars in some areas but it is all the same game. If you want to see what it is like there is a professional paint ball league that is broadcast on sports networks like ESPN once in a while. Check your local listings and the next time they are scheduled to show the professional paint ball league go ahead and check it out. If that doesn’t inspire you to try paintball then head down to your nearest paintball facility and see the game live. Just be sure you stay out of range of the paintball guns!

Some people take paintball very seriously. Sometimes they can take it a bit too seriously. Paintball is meant to be fun and it is best enjoyed when everyone involved is there to have a good time. It is critical when playing paintball that you wear all of the protective gear associated with the game. The paintball arena will not let you play unless you wear that gear. To get a complete list of the required safety gear you need to contact you local paintball arena. Usually the protective gear includes good, strong goggles and a full body jumpsuit usually made of a disposable fabric like tyvek or even paper. The goggles should be obvious. Any paintball taken in the face, and you will more than likely get hit in the face, can cause serious damage to your eyes if they are not protected. Some players like to wear full face masks and I would agree that that is not a bad idea. The more protection the better. The full body jumpsuit serves two purposes. The first is to cushion the impact of the shots as they hit your body. Even though it is just paint it is hardened to an extent and these hardened balls of paint hitting your exposed skin can be quite painful. The other is to protect your clothing from the shots. After all, we are talking about paint!

When you take the proper precautions, and take the time to get yourself familiar with the game, then it is time to try paintball. If you do everything by the rules then you will find it to be a lot of fun and a great way for you and your friends to get together. Paintball is a messy, and quite physical, activity that can sometimes be a little painful too. But, at the end of the day, you will find that taking harmless shots at your friends with a paintball gun is a great way to blow off some steam.
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