Why Dating Superstitions Work

Many people follow dating superstitions. Singles watch carefully for dating signs, read horoscopes, and even carry charms in an attempt to be lucky in love and avoid bad luck. These superstitions may seem silly, but following them can actually influence the outcome of a date. By helping you feel positive about yourself and your chances, superstitions can give you the confidence boost you need to attract a mate.

We've all heard the phrase "lucky in love" in song lyrics, in movies, and in conversation, far more times than we can count on both hands.  The idea of being lucky in the world of romance is an attractive concept to almost everyone, so it shows up all over the media, and has done so for decades.  Who among us wouldn't want to be lucky in love, after all?  The only thing more exciting than the idea of finding the perfect romantic partner is the idea that we can influence our luck and find that person right away instead of having to search for years, fighting our way through blind dates and nights spent fruitlessly at bars.

When you think about it, most superstitions seem pretty foolish.  After all, making choices based on intangible theories about good or bad luck is hardly a logical way to get through life.  However, almost all of us keep some kind of conscious or subconscious list of superstitions that we follow, especially as an attempt to make sense of love and dating.  We may joke about horoscopes, or we may take them seriously, but whether we admit to it or not we are all looking for some kind of way to interpret dating signs as a way to determine what kind of future we may or may not have with a new or established romantic partner.

Superstitions play a role in how we act with other people, especially people in whom we are romantically interested.  We employ superstitions as a way to stave off bad luck which could ruin our chances with a date or a lover.  We may look to astrology for dating signs which will tell us what a good time of the week would be a fortunate time for us to make a telephone call to a potential mate.  We may avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks on the way to a lover's apartment or house in case stepping on the cracks gives us bad luck.  We may carry a charm meant to help us find romance.  These are just a few of the superstitions that singles sometimes follow on their quest for love.

Dating is supposed to be fun, and it sometimes is, but the hard truth about dating is that, for most of us anyway, dating is a lot of work and takes a lot of time.  Superstitions can make us feel like we have found a short-cut which will help us escape the tedium of the search and bring us together with our perfect mate.  Sometimes, following superstitions can help daters remember to have fun despite all the work of finding a partner.

While superstitions may seem silly when you look at them objectively, following superstitions can be a great help to a lot of singles.  Feeling like you have bad luck can influence your confidence and your self-esteem on dates, and your partner will notice if you don't feel positive during your evening together.  Feeling like you have good luck can help you find the confidence boost you need to charm people and grow closer to them.  Almost all potential romantic partners will be more attracted to somebody who has a positive self-image than somebody who feels badly about themselves or their chances on dates, so if following superstitions helps you feel good about your luck, then go right ahead!

Following dating superstitions can be a real boon, especially if you remember to keep a sense of humor about having good or bad luck.  After all, the more fun you have on a date, the more fun your partner will have, so go ahead and try out some dating superstitions!

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