Who Wants To Play Monopoly?

Who doesn't love to play Monopoly? Monopoly is one of the most famous, and longest lasting, board games in history and it is also one of the only board games around that can be the center of its own party. Having a Monopoly party can be a lot of fun and here are some ideas to help make that party a huge success and also to make the game maybe a little more interesting as well!
Monopoly was first released in 1933 by Charles Darrow who had secured a copyright for an idea he had of a variation of a game that had existed since the early 1900’s. Darrow was selling his game in a local department store and pitched it to both Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley but neither was interested in the game. Parker Brothers recommended a few changes to the game and soon after Darrow had begun taking orders for his newly revised game in multiple Philadelphia stores, Parker Brothers decided they had an interest in the game. In 1935 Darrow secured a patent for the game which Parker Brothers bought from him and the rest, as they say, is history.

When you play Monopoly you will see that it is based on actual properties in Atlantic City, New Jersey and the object of the game is to buy up all of the properties you can and bankrupt the other players. Even though when you play Monopoly it has a very definite set of rules it is often seen that different parts of the world play their own versions of the game of Monopoly. Some people pay the fines that they accumulate throughout the game to a pot in the center of the playing board and the person that lands on free parking gets that pot. Some people have the fines paid directly to the bank. However you play it there is a lot of potential for a lot of fun at a Monopoly party if you just make some slight changes in the rules to accommodate the fun.

While alcohol is not for everyone, you can play Monopoly as one of the best drinking games you have ever played. People set different landmarks by which they are instructed to take a drink and many of the landmarks are pretty common. I was witness to one Monopoly drinking game that had you take a drink each time you rounded a corner of the playing board and, needless to say, that game did not last very long. Please always enjoy alcohol responsibly and do not engage in alcohol related activities if you have a medical condition that is complicated by alcohol or if you have had the courage to give up alcohol all together. Do not, under any circumstances, drink and then drive an automobile either. If a level of responsibility is taken then a little alcohol with your Monopoly can be fun.

One of the most common things people do at a Monopoly party is replace the world famous Monopoly money with something other than the fake money. One thing I saw at a Monopoly party was that the money was replaced by candy. Another Monopoly party saw the money replaced with, believe it or not, cupcakes. But the one thing that always seems to work is replacing the money with folded slips of paper that have door prizes on them. The host of the party will get a table of door prizes and write them on pieces of paper. Then they take blank pieces of paper that are identical to the marked paper and fold everything in half and seal them with a piece of tape. At the end of the night you win whatever prizes you have on the paper you have left. Depending on how long you play it is possible that one person could walk out with all of the prizes but I have never been to the Monopoly party yet where the game was played to its absolute completion. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever been anywhere and seen anyone play Monopoly to it absolute conclusion.
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