Where to Stay When Visiting Del Mar

America's love affair with Del Mar began in 1882 when a railroad worker first took in the scenic beauty of the little spot off the California coastline and simply fell in love with it. Fortunately he was married to a woman who shared his vision and love for beauty, and soon Theodore and Ella Loop, the founder of Del Mar, set up a tent city in this breathtaking spot.
Of course, a lot has happened since the original tent city was built. Of course, even today the number of year round inhabitants does not usually top 4,500, and so the choice of Del Mar hotels is somewhat limited - or is it? Many travelers have followed in the footsteps of the Loops, and it is not at all surprising that some entrepreneurs have found Del Mar to be as irresistible a place to visit as they did. While many are not able to pack up everything and move there, most will be able to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle and take a trip to the most picturesque spot alongside the California coastline to inhale the clear ocean air that breezes through Del Mar.

Travelers who are ready to allow the city to pamper them, will love to visit L'Auberge Del Mar. This resort and spa is a most famous address in Del Mar, and many tourists only know of this city because of the resort. L'Auberge is a luxurious hotel, a boutique style resort and spa, a gourmet restaurant, and only a few steps away from the most beautiful beaches known in California. Another elegant hotel located in Del Mar is Les Artistes Inn. This unique little inn has an exciting twist: it has a limited number of rooms and each room is built around the artwork and personality of a specific artist. There are rooms reminiscent of Gaugin, Monet, and O'Keefe - to name just a few. In addition to offering so many different rooms with different characteristics, this inn is also pet friendly! Within walking distance of local shops, restaurants, and also the beaches, this is another gem that travelers will love to return to time and again.

Of course, there are other Del Mar hotels that may not be as luxurious, yet they are still considered to be amongst the nicest hotels around. Economy lodgings are available, as are chain accommodations along the way.

In addition to the wonderful places to stay, Del Mar also offers so many attractions that you may not wish to spend too much time in your hotel of choice. Probably the most famous attraction is the sandy beach that is within walking distance of much of the city. The white sand, the ocean breeze, and the azure waves are a showstopper. If you enjoy surfing, swimming, or boogie boarding, you will have found your own little slice of paradise. Since the city is extremely pet friendly, you will want to make sure to bring your four legged friend with you, since dogs are permitted in certain areas of the beaches as well. After spending a day taking in the natural beauty of Del Mar, why not go ahead and take a peak at the many other beautiful objects that are actually for sale in the city? Two art galleries view for the discerning art lover's attention, and a consignment shop will introduce you to many local artisans as well as give you the opportunity to find some lovely antiques. If your taste prefers the glitz and shine and fine jewelry, you will be pleasantly surprised at the many jewelers who are selling their wares here. Some specialize in the real thing, while others provide a haven for those in search of unique costume jewelry. Whatever your taste may desire, Del Mar is a sure fit! What are you waiting for?
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