Where Can I Buy Horse Tickets?

I wonder why it is so hard to travel with pets, especially larger pets. We pet owners are good patrons for the travel industry, cleaning up the messes, keeping the animals quiet at night, not allowing the pets to destroy property. My problem is in the simple act of buying horse tickets to take the animal on vacation to the beach. I've seen horses in nearly every country of the world so why won't the travel industry make it easier for horses to get tickets?
I looked in the yellow pages under “horse tickets” but found nothing helpful. When my favorite pets need to get away from the local barn for a while, I plan for horse vacations. We have done this for years with no major difficulties. We have already gone to the green pasture states of Ohio and Pennsylvania so we want a novel vacation idea for this year.

After discussing the upcoming vacation with my horse, Gloria, she said that she wants to go to a beach resort. We have already been to the local resorts so I am been seeking horse tickets to fly to the Cayman Islands. I had been there by myself a few years ago and observed that horse vacations in Cayman can be thrilling. Surfing on the Seven Mile Beach in Georgetown, searching for sea shells near the reef and learning some tropical dance steps are among the many activities available to tourists. Besides, Gloria has been inside the barn a lot during the winter so she could use a bit of a suntan.

With the idea of a Cayman Islands vacation in mind, I called Cayman Airways to get prices for me and Gloria to fly there. We would go during their lower season as it would be cheaper. However, they claim that they do not fly horses on their planes so they have no horse tickets to sell. Even when I offered to buy first class tickets, their reservations agent refused to serve me. Even this major disappointment has not lessened my love and respect for Cayman Airways. It’s a great airline.

Seeing that we can’t both fly to the Cayman Islands, I called a couple of cruise lines to ask the prices of horse tickets from Miami to the Caymans. Again, their telephone agent tried to discourage Gloria’s vacation to the lush island paradise. They, instead, recommended that we go to the shores of Lake Michigan. Gloria could wear her new equine bikini there, and we do not need horse tickets since we can go in style in our air-conditioned horse trailer.

Gloria’s stallion friend suggested that we consider a different type of vacation since it seems to be so difficult to get horse tickets internationally. He lovingly consoled Gloria and recommended a different type of watery vacation, one which does not involve international travel and the problems of passports, visas and strange languages to learn. He suggested that we consider a theme park with whales, porpoises and seals. Besides the great entertainment, Gloria would be outside a lot and get to do some sunbathing. I think that he also feels that Gloria is too pale-looking. A few hours in open sunlight would help her to look healthier.

Frankly, I was happy for the stallion’s input. Sometimes, Gloria does not accept my suggestions. To get a new idea about horse vacations from one of her own kind seemed to be a turn-on for Gloria. After some discussion, mostly between the equines, Gloria asked me to try to get horse tickets for one of the oceanic theme parks, tickets for the three of us.

This will be easier, I think. I feel sure that I can get tickets in a local stable for us. Gloria and her boyfriend will feel comfortable, and I guess that I can endure a few nights of sleeping on straw. My problem is solved.
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