When Traveling Oregon, Eugene Hotel Recommendations Are Important

The beautiful Pacific Northwest State of Oregon is a state of diverse lusciousness in a category all on its own. It is a state with snowcapped volcanic mountains, but also drops to the Pacific Ocean's level. On the Eastern side of Oregon, are large areas of dry dessert lands that can make you feel that very few people exist. There are areas of caves to visit, volcanic rock beds to hike and mountains to camp with waterfalls and hot springs that takes you into a world of naturalistic pleasures all its own.
Oregon is also known for the largest flowing beauty and fastest powered river in the west; which runs through the mid-section of Oregon. The vast Columbia River George carries the Columbia River through its veins: with an intense power and fruitfulness that the Native Oregon Indian Tribes along the river still carry out their tribal rituals annually by.

For when traveling Oregon, Eugene hotel recommendations are important to know. For all of those wanting to stay a few days in a Eugene hotel, the Eugene hotel is the Hilton in Oregon, Eugene downtown. The Oregon Eugene downtown area is also the spot of Oregon’s own Saturday Market. This market is known nationwide for its homemade/homegrown foods, arts and crafts. The well-known Hult Center of Performing Arts is also downtown next to the Eugene Hilton.

Oregon, Eugene is the second largest city next to Portland. Salem is halfway between Oregon, Portland and Oregon, Eugene, along the I-5 corridor. The U.S. travel guide shows Salem as Oregon’s State Capital. Oregon travel tips suggest that the State Capital of Salem be another stop for a visitor to spend some time in.

Portland, Oregon is known as the ‘City Of Roses’. It is the highest in population in the state of Oregon; Eugene is the second highest in city population. Both are university cities, along with Corvallis, Oregon, which also is a university city, but much smaller in population. For Universities in Oregon, Eugene has the University of Oregon, Portland has Portland University, and Corvallis has Oregon State University. These are all three top-notch Universities and they each specialize in some of the most highly accredited degrees available today.

There are several Oregon mountain ski resorts to choose from. Skiing is not year around like in some other major ski resorts. The Pacific North West Coast of Oregon has so many choices of beaches to camp on and or hotels to stay in. Some of the most popular coastal towns are Florence, Newport, Seaside, and Yachats just to name a few. The Oregon coast has big summer fun doing everything from Kite flying contests to riding ATV’s and we can’t forget horseback riding along the ocean and Helicopter rides above. The coast also offers prime fishing, crabbing, and sea boat rides for the big time fishing adventure. As for Salmon fishing, the beautifully raging Columbia River is where it is to do your Salmon fishing. It is also the only spot for Wind Surfing. This is a sport that is awesome to watch. The board stood on looks like a surfboard with a sail mass on top of it. Hiking our mountains small or big is another great sport to do in Oregon. Eugene alone has several small afternoon hiking mountains right in town to hike up with out having to plan ahead. Eugene is also very close to the mountains and the ocean. Within one hours drive in either direction and no planning, a person can impulsively go to the mountains to ski or the ocean to have an afternoon picnic.

So if you are coming to Oregon for a short recreational visit to the mountains, ocean, dessert, or wind surfing excitement along the Columbia River you will find a few days of outdoor pleasure. But moving to Oregon, Eugene, Portland, Salem, Corvallis or any other Oregon city will be a wonderful experience for most all who choose to, because Oregon is a State of many natural wonders, mixture of many diversities of cultures, and a vast choice of educational universities to pick from.
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