When Students Write a Long Beach Personal Ad

As the product of a liberal arts education, the writer of the following article long ago discovered the many advantages of having had an exposure to a broad range of subjects. That exposure certainly helps to widen the horizons of any writer. Based on that fact, the same writer has composed the following creative look at preparations for the writing of a Long Beach Personal Ad.

In September, when Cal State Long Beach (CSLB) opens its doors to both new and returning students, streams of singles march across the campus and into the University's classrooms. Of those Long Beach singles a few might be residents of Long Beach. Many, however, commute to CSLB in search of either an Associate Degree or a way to transfer to a 4-year school. Few of those Long Beach singles are then giving thought to the writing of a Long Beach personal ad.

Most students at CSLB expect to do plenty of writing during the course of their studies in Long Beach. Personal ads, however, are not what they expect to be writing. Instead they anticipate having assignments that require the writing of essays and term papers. In fact, the professors at CSLB do frequently demand the completion of such literary works.

English teachers also assign the reading of various poems. Some of those poems possess a very romantic quality. At times the reading of such romantic poems might motivate a CSLB student to think about weddings. Long Beach students, though, would quickly realize that a wedding was not apt to take place until after a period of dating. And an excellent way to get a date presented itself in the form of a Long Beach personal ad.

Having thus linked the personal ad to weddings, Long Beach students would soon prepare for the writing of one or more Long Beach personal ads. Later, as those CSLB students pursued their effort to compose an attention-grabbing personal ad, their instructors sometimes noted an increased use of similes and metaphors in the students' writing. Although the instructors tended to credit to the romantic poetry the sudden appearance of many similes and metaphors, an equal measure of credit should likewise go to the lowly Long Beach personal ads.

Student ad writers struggle to convey in a short ad their most important characteristics. In order to achieve that goal, the students often resort to using similes and metaphors. That is how the writing of Long Beach personal ads affects the quality of the writing of the CSLB students. That is how the phrases of the most poetic romantics find their way into the local papers.

No one has ever followed along on a date between two CSLB students. It could be that on such a date the reading of poetry takes place. It could be that the students then share with each other their favorite love poems. If that is the case, few students would care to divulge to English teachers the extent to which the romantic poems have been appreciated by the CSLB students. Those students would almost certainly not want to disclose to professors their use of the romantic poems in the writing of one or more Long Beach personal ad.

Please understand that the above comments detail conclusions arrived-at entirely by speculation. In other words, the above chain of events can not be proven. The thoughts expressed above are without basis in fact; they are strictly a matter of conjecture. Still, one has to admit that they represent a wonderfully romantic sort of conjecture. 

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