What's Hidden In Berkeley, California?

In Berkley, California one finds one of the Sunshine State's most well-known Universities, the University of California Berkley. Students who might consider attending this school should enjoy this essay about the community of Berkley. It highlights the fact that there is much more to Berkley than just the University. Hopefully it will serve as an enticement to students who are qualified to attend the Berkley campus.

What great minds might be hidden in Berkeley, California? Thanks to its rich cultural diversity Berkley has residents from all four corners of the globe. Certainly in that sea of diversity is "swimming" an undiscovered talent, some still undisclosed gem of genius. Fortunately, the resources in Berkley, California were designed to uncover such treasures.

Berkley contains the Hall of Health. Here children can enjoy many hands-on exhibits. Youngsters, who range in age from 3 to 12, love to study the Hall's interactive exhibits. Their visits to the Hall teach them a great deal about the human heart and about human nutrition. Still the Hall is not the only science-based educator of children in Berkeley, California.

The children of Berkeley, California can also learn much science by visiting the Shorebird Nature Center. The Center contains a table with a large sign. That signs reads, "Touch Me Table." This sign underlines the attempt made at the Center to help children get a close look at the wonders of nature. The hope is that a child's early interest in science might one day take him or her to the University of California Berkeley. 

Because Berkley needs not only scientists but also engineers, one finds in Berkeley, California the sort of thing that could lead a child to study engineering. Berkley gives a child a chance to witness the potential for invention that evolves from a study of engineering. Children can see steam engines working as they ride on the Redwood Valley Railway at Tilden Regional Park.

If Berkley could uncover another great engineer among its young citizens, its residents could enjoy even more engineering feats. Right now the residents in Berkeley, California love to go down to Lake Anza. This lake was created in 1939, when engineers developed a way to dam Wildcat Creek.

At the University of California Berkley professors have chosen to make use of the proximity of Berkley to California's Silicon Valley. Some of the professors at the University are conducting research into how computers can better act as learning partners. As the results of their research reaches the educators, the children in Berkley, California, and indeed in all of California, will benefit.

These researchers, conducting studies that relate to technology of the 21st century, underline the advancements made at the University since its founding. The first research at Berkley no doubt related to either farming or mining. The University of California Berkley was formed from a merger of the College of California and the Agricultural, Mining and Mechanical Arts College.

What one finds in Berkeley, California now is a far cry from what existed there more than 80 years ago. One thing though remains unchanged. Berkley residents still enjoy ready access to San Francisco and Oakland. The rich cultural diversity in Berkley has already spread into those large cities. Now well past the time of student unrest, Berkley's once singular diversity, a diversity trumpeted by the media, is becoming less unique.

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