What is there to Do in Jacksonville?

If you are considering a vacation in Jacksonville, Florida, you are in for a treat! Jacksonville offers visitors the chance to unwind on some of Florida's least visited beaches. You can explore the history of lighthouses, unwind near the St. John's River, or just relax in some of Jacksonville's excellent hotels or resorts. There are also many world-famous golf courses in Jacksonville. Learn more about the interesting attractions of this city.
If you are looking for a great vacation getaway, consider a trip to Jacksonville, Florida. The city of Jacksonville has miles of beaches that are not as crowded as other Florida cities. There are world-famous golf courses in Jacksonville, and much more. The city offers something for everyone!

If you are headed to Jacksonville, be sure to bring your golf gear! You will not want to miss out on the awesome golfing that is available in Jacksonville. The city has some of the most challenging, not to mention beautiful, of Florida’s many golf courses. Some of the Jacksonville lodging, including the fancier resorts, offer their own private golf courses to their guests.

If you are looking for something for kids to do, consider visiting Adventure Landing. This is the largest amusement complex in the northern part of Florida. Here you can enjoy a go-cart track, miniature golf, and a fabulous arcade. Adventure Landing also features a Laser Tag course. This is a great place to enjoy some family fun!

If you are visiting Jacksonville, be sure to plan some time to spend at the beach! The beaches in Jacksonville are brown-sand beaches, and are along side warm water that is perfect for swimming! Be sure to bring some sand toys for the kids! You can enjoy some great fishing and shelling on the coast of Jacksonville. Be sure to bring sunscreen. Even if it is not hot, the sun in Florida can burn easily!

Along the St. John’s River, you can enjoy one of the most unique features of Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Landing. At the Landing you can shop, eat, and enjoy seasonal live entertainment. The Jacksonville Landing has nine restaurants. Many of the restaurants have a riverside view. There is food to meet every preference. Be sure to bring plenty of cash to enjoy the great shopping at Jacksonville Landing.

The Jacksonville Zoological Gardens is another popular attraction. The Jacksonville Zoological Gardens is home to over 2,000 animals, many which are extremely rare. The Zoological Garden has a train and a carousel for children to ride. Explore the many exhibits dedicated to conservation.

If you enjoy lighthouses, consider visiting the Mayport Lighthouse, which was built in 1859. This lighthouse stood through the American Civil War. Or visit the American Lighthouse and Maritime Museum, which gives an interesting history of lighthouses in America. You can explore scale models of many famous lighthouses.

There are many great Jacksonville accommodations. In fact, there is Jacksonville lodging for almost any budget! You can stay in luxury or simplicity, whatever your preference is. If you are planning a trip to Jacksonville, consider staying in one of the beachside locations, including the Quality Suites Oceanfront. Here you can enjoy large suit rooms overlooking the ocean. One of the newer hotels in Jacksonville is the Jameson Inn, which is near the Adventure Landing attraction. Wherever you stay, chances are you will not spend too much time in your room! You will want to get out there and explore beautiful Jacksonville, Florida!
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