What is it About Synchronicity That Is Destined.

Have you ever been in a position when something occurs in your life that appears unexplainable yet for some odd reason it is not something that you have been totally unaware. Almost like living a dream, while not wholly intuitive it is something that is unexplainable yet still anticipated by you in some odd way. Perhaps because you have wanted it so much and yet known that the time was not right until it actually occurred, when everything suddenly appears to fit snugly into place and your "dream" comes true? If you have experienced this then you have likely discovered something about synchronicity that you might never have appreciated, events occur when the time is right for them to do so and not before.
The idea of a destiny encourages many people to argue that such a concept would mean that all of us living on Planet Earth would have our freedom of will limited in some way. This highly blinkered stance ignores some salient points about the concept of everyone possessing a destiny and the reasons they are provided. In addition they also ignore that milestones in our lives act as mini-destinies that we have to attain before we can move on to the next and ultimately a final destination. When studying anything about synchronicity it quickly becomes apparent that this concept acknowledges the existence of predetermined life courses. How this is applied to the way we behave in our lives together with the people that we are likely to interact is of significant importance.

An age old question that often comes to us early in life relates to a partnership and who will be our life partner, if indeed an individual is present in our lifetime for that purpose. It appears that in a majority of cases individuals will meet a partner for either a temporary or long-term relationship. Researching angles in regard to relationships in both the synchronicity and intuitive arenas in order to identify characteristics and common traits associated with the way in which certain events occur can prove particularly rewarding as it might prove particularly beneficial to anyone seeking information about the possibility of finding a partner in their lifetime. To this end online matchmaking has taken the possibility associated with synchronicity to an all new level by its presence becoming an established means through which people on different continents are able to more easily make contact. Finding about synchronicity and its possibilities can help us all better understand the deeper meaning of our lives.

It might be argued that the development and characteristics of the virtual dating process is a synchronicity event itself designed to impact on the world at large by allowing contact between two individuals located hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. When considering what it is about synchronicity that makes obvious the reasons why two people meet and form a relationship that might otherwise never have occurred had they not attempted online matchmaking has taken any studies about synchronicity to an all new level. Synchronicity in online matchmaking is possibly a significant step towards proving the concept through its manifestation when two individuals commit to a relationship, especially those that turn long-term as in the case of marriages. Those who continue to argue that pre-destined events removes the possibility of freedom of will miss the point that we are all here to achieve a certain goal in order that we can then move on to do so again and again. The characteristics of virtual dating process appears designed to enhance the potential to both initiate and develop relationships in line with natural human evolution and therefore in line with nature itself.

For anyone who has used the services of an astrologer or psychic and in a reading discovered that they will meet someone from a different country. Online matchmaking must make a dream come true because it actually behaves like a key to a door that suddenly offers the possibility of turning a dream into reality. Knowing that you are destined to meet someone either because of the phenomena’s that result from an intuitive experience or through an event derived from the synchronicity angle, it is comforting to know that this is actually a very natural occasion. Indeed when such instances take place those involved can enjoy the sensations that go with being in harmony with the natural world and thereby derive pleasure from this and all associated events.
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