What Does the Horoscope Gemini Mean?

Did you know Gemini is the sign of the twins? This means if you are a Gemini, you are contradictory, elusive and complex. Horoscope Gemini is linked with the planet Mercury, the planet of youth and childhood. You may have faults and graces of the younger. When you are being good you are very attractive and when you are bad you are more the worse for being the charmer.
The genuine astrology of horoscope Gemini tells you that you are a very lively, happy person, as long as the circumstances are just right for you. You can also be restless, imaginative and egocentric. You enthusiastically take on new activities but can lack application. You constantly need to have new interests in your life. To you life feels like a game which you must fill with new moves and lots of entertainment.

If you are a horoscope Gemini, you have trouble sticking to decisions and making them. Good qualities come very easily and are attractive to the horoscope Gemini. You are courteous, kind, generous, affectionate and thoughtful when it comes to the suffering of others or the poor. Your own self interest though is always most important, winning out over anything else.

You being a horoscope Gemini means you may pout like a child when you don’t get your way. You crave attention and at times even demand it along with being admired which you love. You want to have people spend time, money and energy on you. Every change in your surroundings you reflect upon. If you are forced to struggle in anyway you can become peevish, sullen, self-centered, and pessimistic like a chameleon changing his colors.

As a Gemini you have an intuitive, bright intelligence. You love a challenge, but sometimes your concentration will not last. You have a voracious appetite for knowledge but you do like the labor to learn.

In love you may find yourself fickle, you don’t do this intentionally, it’s because of your emotional nature and inconsistency, which has an aspect to it. There is a side of you that can be deeply emotional and on the other side, you can be hostile to any sentimentality, which will make you take a step back from romantic situations. You take nothing very seriously. You are cool, flirtatious and superficial. You like to have some intrigue in your life also.

Gemini astrology means Gemini’s in many walks of their lives will be very successful, but their general characteristics may make them unreliable. They may be Debaters, Authors, Poets, Lawyers, Journalists Teachers or Diplomats.

Health concerns for horoscope Gemini are the shoulders, arms, lungs, hands and the nervous system. Beware of any diseases or accidents pertaining to the upper body, as well as pulmonary problems, bronchitis and nervous system problems. You can take unnecessary risk that may cause harm to others or yourself in the process. Think before you do.

Learning about your sun sign and what it means can help you along life’s path. Some people believe strongly in Astrology and some people don’t. You may be surprised by how many characteristics of yours, your sun sign names and it will also in career decisions. By your astrological traits you’ll know what field would be the best for you to go in to.

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