Web Video Conferencing Makes for Better Online Matchmaking

Generally when we think of web video conferencing, if we think of it at all, it is in relation to businesses. High powered business meetings being held across the country or around the world via advanced web video conferencing software that is beyond our understanding. Rarely do we think of the idea of its application to the world of online matchmaking.

Web video conferencing and online matchmaking make a perfect combination.  Taking you a step beyond traditional online dating, you are able to talk to a potential match and see your potential match in actual factual real time.  No more typing and looking at pictures that could be months or even years old, this is the real McCoy.

There are already several sites that cater to singles seeking singles using this new web video conferencing technology.  One of the better web sites out there that is doing just that is Cupid Cams.  Cupid Cams uses a web based conferencing system to allow potential singles to meet up with each other in special web video conferences, talk to each other and see if they are really as compatible as they think they are before they head out on their first date.

This is a great and effective addition to the world of online matchmaking.  While web video conferencing is still essentially in its infancy, it is already making strides.  We have seen the future and the future is now.  Most of the sites at the moment utilize web based conferencing systems, using software that you can find on their web sites or even working just within your browser as it stands.  For the more computer illiterate out there this is often the best option as it is by far the easiest to use.

Other web video conferencing solutions involve the use of 3rd party software, such as Microsoft Netmeeting.  When using such 3rd party systems generally the web site simply allows you to make up your contact with the potential match, but then you must do the rest of the work yourself.  This can sometimes be difficult if you are not using the best of software or you are not the best when it comes to computers.  However you might find that setting up your own web video conference is not quite as difficult as you would imagine.

Another excellent web site out there that is getting a jump start on the web based conferencing revolution is Loveline Personals.  Allowing you to search through a wide variety of personal ads and profiles just like any typical online matchmaking web site, it also gives you the opportunity to speak to potential compatible mates using this new web video conferencing software.

Even if you are currently subscribing to a service that doesn't offer web video conferencing, that doesn't mean that you can't still take part.  If you meet someone that you would like to know a little better but would like to do it through the internet, you can still use a 3rd party web video conference program such as Microsoft Netmeeting to set up your own personal web video conference.  While it might be a little more difficult, you can find it just as rewarding.

In order to get involved in web video conferencing or web based conferencing, you are going to need to make sure you have the right equipment.  The two major musts in the hardware department are: a microphone and a webcam.  If you have a digital camera you might find that you already have a webcam available as many digital cameras double as webcams.  Microphones for your computer can be found at most any computer store.

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