Want to know what softball is?

Softball is one of the most famous games in the world. You can see a lot of people who are willing to actively take part in the sport. It is considered one of the most popular games in the world and not for nothing is it called so. There are a lot of fans for the sport and you can see that there is an active viewer ship in every other country in the world. If you want to what softball is really all about; read on.
Softball is considered the variation of one of the most popular games in the world, baseball. In fact, in order to distinguish baseball from softball, baseball is often called hardball. Softball is one of those games which you can enjoy without any worries. It is considered one of the most enjoyable games and players who play the game and viewers who watch the game equally enjoy the game like anything. There are millions of people who aspire to become softball players and there are tens of millions of people who watch and follow the game regularly. And this kind of craze is not just happening in a country or two, but in most parts of the world where the game has reached, which is truly amazing. This is one of the most modernized games in the world and no wonder that there are a lot of takers for it. This is a team sport and is considered one of the greatest team sports ever. Two teams compete against each and other and depending on the score the winner will be determined. This is also considered one of the most competitive and energetic games ever, thanks to the adrenaline rush it gives the players. For that matter, it is not just the players who feel the adrenaline rush during the course of the game, but also the viewers who are so deeply involved.

Actually, softball is considered the closest game which resembles baseball and there are a lot of similarities between the two games. The rules and regulations are somewhat similar to baseball. The offensive team will bat and the defensive team will be throwing the ball at them. Both the teams are supposed to take up the role of offensive and defensive team and they switch it between themselves. The ball is usually soft and hence the name and it is considerably softer than baseball. It is thrown by the defensive team player in an underhand manner and the batter who is representing the offensive team is supposed to hit it. Once hit, he can start scoring runs by running and the goal of the fielder is to catch the ball before it hits the ground in order to make the batter out. Since the winning team will be decided by the number of runs they score and the way they outplay their opponents, a lot of importance is given to the batters and the bowlers equally. A referee will be there for this match in order to make sure the players play by the rules and don’t bend any of its rules and regulations. He could be an ex player or someone who has had tremendous experience with softball. There are actually three kinds of softballs used in the game – fast pitch, modified pitch, and slow pitch. Softball is probably the only game where there are this many type of ball used. Furthermore, the ground that they play in consists of two prominent areas namely fair territory and foul territory. Obviously as the name suggests, fair territory is where you need to play in order to score runs. All the players are supposed to wear protective equipment or protective gear in order to prevent any unexpected injuries arising out of the ball hitting the body. Also, all the players are given a uniform which makes the game professional like.
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