Visiting Crested Butte Ski Resorts

Crested Butte ski resorts are famous nationwide for their excellent skiing conditions, luxurious lodges, and otherwise great opportunities for play and relaxation during a well deserved winter vacation. Yet is there a little bit more to Crested Butte than meets the eye? As a matter of fact, there is. Read on and be amazed about all the great things you can find out about Crested Butte.
Crested Butte ski town is actually a rather small resort that is situated in picturesque Colorado. Like so many other town that have survived their inception of the 1860s, Crested Butte was originally a mining town, but managed to refrain from being turned into a ghost town after the mining industry hit the hard times simply because there were a lot of ranchers about who also supported it.

While this might have been the swan song for Crested Butte, ski conditions are what revived it in the 1960s. As a matter of fact, you can say that the Crested Butte ski resort reputation is what turned it from a shrinking and failing town, into a vibrant and thriving mountain area, where living is luxurious, real estate is coveted, and once again the fiscal boom can be felt.

Obviously, best known for its winter sports, Crested Butte ski resorts cater to a large variety of skiers and snow boarders who claim that the skiing around Crested Butte is the best they have ever experienced. Add to this the fact that snow mobiles are legal in many areas surrounding the ski resorts, and winter sports aficionados are coming back year after year, exploring, working out, and just enjoying life. For those who prefer the more sedate winter sports, please keep in mind that several cross country skiing trails are meticulously preserved so as to give you the ability to enjoy your favorite sport away from the roar of the snow mobiles and the fast-paced action of the slopes. For even more winter fun, be sure to bring your ice skates, or simply rent some, and enjoy the ice skating rink at the Nordic Center.

Of course, the Crested Butte ski area is also still there in summer, but it is not skiing that in on the mind of active visitors, but instead mountain biking and the opportunity to take a look at the rich and luscious fields that show thousands of wildflowers in beautiful bloom. In addition to the mountain biking trails, the Crested Butte ski resort also has ties to the many hiking trails that will lead you alongside cool and refreshing bodies of water, where you will be able to enjoy the clean air in the shade of huge pines. Commercial outfitters will be able to help you put together a whitewater rafting trip and also outfit your group, while campers will rejoice in the many breathtaking spots that simply beckon them to pitch a tent. Just remember to leave your campsite as clean as you found it! Last but not least is the fishing, which is phenomenal in the area that is usually referred to as Crested Butte ski country. It is truly amazing to see how the skiing area changes into a summer paradise!

The town itself offers many summer activities and highlights as well. Take for example the famous Arts Festival that attracts hundreds of independent artists who will display their wares and often also hold little workshops on their crafts. Combine this with the annual Wildflower Festival – did you know that Crested Butte was named wildflower capital of Colorado? – and you can be quite sure to have something fun to do year round.
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