Visit Denver Colorado

Denver Colorado is one of the country's most picturesque cities. Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Denver Colorado has a lot to offer to the visitors and residents alike. With 90 golf courses, the largest city park system in the country, hundreds of miles of bike trails, arts, nightlife, and shopping, Denver is a destination vacation city, and not just a stop on the way to the ski resorts anymore.

Nestled just to the east side of the Rocky Mountains is Denver Colorado, a picturesque city and home to 300 days of sunshine a year. Denver Colorado is an active city with an emphasis on outdoor recreation through 90 golf courses, hundreds of miles of paved bike trails and the largest city park system in the United States.

With one of the largest downtowns of any city in the US, Denver Colorado offers visitors the opportunity to stroll a mile long outdoor mall along 16th street. The mall is lined with cafes, flower baskets, and shops with mountain views around every corner. Downtown Colorado Denver offers about 300 eateries, an historic district with a hopping night life affectionately known as lower downtown (LoDo), museums, and a variety of shopping opportunities. The second largest performing arts center in the country gives downtown Denver Colorado class along with the three college campuses also located downtown.

A city with as much emphasis on fitness and the great outdoors as Denver Colorado wouldn't be the same without being a big sports town. Colorado Denver is home to seven professional sports franchises. Visitors can watch professional baseball, football, hockey, basketball, arena football, soccer, and lacrosse. Denver Colorado also hosts dog racing, a Grand Prix, rodeo, and horse racing. In addition, the city is home to 90 golf courses for duffers and pros alike, and just 30 minutes south of Denver, Castle Rock hosts a PGA event annually. Skiing is a short drive up to the mountains, and northern Denver Colorado is home to one of the biggest water parks in the west.

Denver Colorado, though, is not simply about sports and downtown bar hopping. Denver is home to one of the highest educated populations in the United States. In addition, the populace of Denver Colorado has a great appreciation and love for the arts. This love of the arts is one reason that Denver Colorado is home to the second largest performing arts complex in the nation. The Denver Performing Arts complex has ten theaters and seats up to 10,000 people for any of the performing arts: symphony, theatre, opera, or ballet.

Denver Colorado, in addition to having a love for activity, has a love for the outdoors. In Denver, visitors and residents can find a number of museums with nature in mind. The fourth most popular zoo in the country is the Denver Zoo and is located near downtown. Downtown Denver is also home to the aquarium and the Museum of Nature and Science. Also, Denver Colorado offers the opportunity to visit one of the most advanced digital planetariums in the world.

If you love the nightlife, though, Denver Colorado has you covered there too. The town brews more beer and has more microbreweries per capita than any other city in the country. There are 80 different beers brewed in Denver. In LoDo, visitors can find more than 90 brew pubs, jazz clubs, restaurants, and sports bars. One of the most famous concert venues on earth is also located just outside the city in Red Rocks Amphitheater, which seats 9,000 and is carved straight out of the red boulders of the foothills.

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