Vintage Bride Dresses For Modern Brides

Vintage bride dresses are making their appearance at weddings all over the country. From lace-lavished Victorian era bridal gowns to chic Gatsby style silk chemises and lingerie, wedding finery and bridesmaid's dresses from the 1920s, today's brides have a wealth of traditional styles to choose from for their own special day. Here's the lowdown on how to find the best deals on vintage wedding dresses and bridal gowns.

The ingredients for a picture perfect wedding day include the perfect gown for the bride, dresses for all the bridesmaids and a darling frock for the flower girl. If you're planning a wedding with a theme drawn from a historical era, there's nothing quite so special as dressing the wedding party in true vintage wedding dresses. Vintage bride dresses are making their appearance at weddings all over the country. All it takes is a little research into the styles of wedding dresses and attire for the period, and some savvy shopping skills to outfit your wedding party in vintage lingerie, wedding dresses and accessories.

The fine art of bridal gown preservation means that there's an enormous number of vintage wedding dresses from the 1940s through the 1970s in circulation. You'll find beautiful gowns on sale for mere dollars at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill thrift store. If you shop carefully, you may even find wedding dresses dating from much older eras hanging in consignment shops and antique stores.

Barring the chances of finding vintage wedding dresses from the right era in a local shop, your best chance of finding the perfect bridal gown is over the internet. While you'll find some seemingly excellent bargains on vintage wedding dresses at auction sites like eBay, experts in vintage clothing offer a few cautions about dealing with auctioneers selling vintage wedding dresses, bridal lingerie, wedding veils and other wedding items. If you're shopping online for vintage wedding dresses, they suggest that you:

-> Do some research first.
   Research wedding styles for the era of your theme wedding, and know the typical characteristics for wedding dresses in the relevant era. You'll find it much easier to communicate what you're looking for to dealers, and know when someone is trying to sell you a vintage wedding dress that isn't quite vintage.

-> Find out if the wedding gown has been preserved or cleaned.
   A dealer of vintage bride dresses and other vintage clothing will know the difference between dry cleaning, archival cleaning and bridal gown preservation. If your vintage lingerie, wedding dress or other purchase requires special cleaning, it could add $100-$300 to the cost of your bride dresses.

-> Know your measurements and ask for the actual measurements of the bride dresses you're considering.
   Size is not an accurate indicator of fit when dealing with vintage bride dresses. Most older wedding gowns will have no manufacturers' size, and those that do will not adhere to today's sizing guidelines. Make sure that you know both your measurements and those of the wedding gown before you make a commitment to buy.

Vintage wedding dresses, lingerie wedding, wedding attire and other accessories can add so much to the style of your special day. With a little care and caution, you can walk down the aisle in style in the perfect dress from another age, no matter what your favorite era is.

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