Vienna Night Clubs-So Many Options, So Little Time

Vienna night clubs are the great way to spend a Vienna night. Some people will prefer an early night after a meal. But for those of you that want to party throughout the night then the night clubs will keep you thoroughly entertained. You can drink, dance or sing the Vienna night away. Italy is famous for having a good time during the evenings and Vienna being a part of Italy lives up to that tradition.

A lot of people are not familiar with Vienna, let alone the Vienna night life scene!  Vienna is the capital of Austria, not exactly thought as a hot spot on the international party scene.  But if you have never experienced the excitement of the Vienna night clubs you are definitely missing out on a great time.  Read on if you are interested in learning more about Vienna night life.

Vienna night clubs are labeled by some as old-fashioned, and not capable of producing a night full of fun and partying.  Though this might have been true several years ago, nowadays the Vienna night life is alive and well!  The Vienna night clubs may be lagging behind the clubs of some bigger European capitals, but they are gaining ground quickly and will soon be part of the upper echelon in the European club scene.

If you are into bars and clubs you need to hit up Vienna's Inner Stadt.  This area is home to most of the city's late night bars and clubs.  You can party all night long in this part of town.  Especially popular is the zone known as the Bermuda Triangle, which is known for partying all night long and into the morning!  If you are looking to hang out with the college age crowd you need to visit some Vienna night clubs in the area known as the Spittleburg or Neubau.  College age kids can be found here all night long.  It is known that the wildest and longest parties happen here.  So if you are looking to go hard all night long do not pass up this opportunity!

But if you are not into the Vienna night clubs do not worry.  There are plenty of other areas to visit to have a great time.  Vienna is also known for its wine taverns, which are referred to as Heurigens (now you can sound smart on your trip to Vienna).  These establishments often make their own wine.  If you are into the more laid back scene this is the place for you.  It is not nearly as loud or wild as the Vienna nigh clubs!

Where you hang out in Vienna all depends on your personality; your personality on that day that is.  If you are in the mood to party all night long at the Vienna nigh clubs, you will have many options.  But if you are looking for a more laid back mellow club you can also find a crowd to hang out with at the local Heurigans. 

Remember, the Vienna night life scene offers a little bit of something for everyone.  You can frequent the Vienna night clubs for half the night, but end up at a Heurigan to finish your night off with the laid back folk!  Pick your pleasure, but whatever you do, do not miss out on the Vienna night life experience!

The nightlife in Vienna will always be one that will keep tourists and the locals out all night. Whether you prefer the loud type of music or if you prefer more laid back music, Vienna has got you covered. Make sure that you try and get yourself a night time gondola ride as they are a great way to end a perfect night. Then the next night will more then likely be the same with more clubbing and a lot more drinking and more dancing. But try to get up in the mornings so that you can at least experience some of the great Vienna sights that are only open during the mornings.

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