Venues And Ideas For Your Melbourne Wedding

There are many places where you can hold your Melbourne wedding in a park, hotels, houses and lighthouses just to name a few. Just because these sorts of weddings have been done a hundred times before, it doesn't mean they have to be the same, you can have you wedding at any of these places and still make it unique, personal and something to remember for many years to come. Here are some ideas and ways to personalize your wedding.

You do not need your Melbourne wedding to be unusual to be something that is remembered by you or guests, you can have your wedding any way you wish and anywhere you want, even if the venue has hosted weddings many times before and it can still be remembered for years to come, all you really need is some personalization and you're set. Here are some ideas where you can host your wedding that has been host to weddings before and some ideas to make it truly personal.

Many have hosted their Australian wedding in parks and gardens and Melbourne has many of them. The Royal Botanic Gardens are a prime example. These gardens are truly beautiful and you can hire many of their lawns, glass houses or even some of the temples they have in some of their collections. You could also use any one of their three lakes.

An easy way to personalize a wedding hosted in the Royal Botanic Gardens is to choose a garden like the Cacti and Succulent Collection or the Southern Chinese Collection, any of them, and theme your wedding around them, with wedding attire, decorations and so forth. It's something that is not too out there and your guests will love the touch. You could also host your reception in the park by having a picnic. This can easily be done by giving your guests a little mini picnic basket full of food, many Melbourne caterers are flexible enough to prepare these for you, if you request them. This is a great way for your guest to talk with each other and have a fun and relaxing time while they're doing it.

Another idea for a Melbourne wedding venue is a hotel or a house, many hotels and houses are happy to hosts weddings and some even have special function rooms just for them. If you decide to have your Melbourne wedding in a hotel or a house make sure you find a one that will fit the mood and the theme of your wedding.

If you have still yet to decide what your theme is, but really want to host it at such venues, have a look at some of their features, see if any of them appeal to you, like a grand staircase or a stained glass window, if so you could always plan your wedding around such a feature. And if it has a striking color scheme, like in windows, you could always use that color and have your flowers or bridal party dressed in it. Again your guests will notice such details and you will get many comments on it.

A unique idea for a Melbourne wedding is to have it at one of the lighthouses the city has to offer. Again this is a little different, but it is not to the extreme. A great way to personalize a wedding like this, is to start it just before dawn and get permission to have the light on and get the bridal party walk up with lanterns instead of flowers to set the mood and effect and get married just as the sun is rising. This will set an extremely romantic mood and something that everyone is going to remember for many years to come. You could also host your reception on the waterfront, many services like Melbourne caterers are happy to work at such an early hour.

These are just a few quick ideas for a totally unique Australian wedding that will be remembered for years, but there are also many other options that you can choose from. Usually weddings are only limited by your imagination, so get creative and put a personalized touch on your Melbourne wedding.

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