Variations Of The Gift Giving Game

The gift giving game is any variation of a game used to present gifts at gatherings like Christmas parties and it is usually an exchange between strangers or those that did not know they were to exchange with each other. There are many variations of the game with some being more popular than others. Regardless of how you play it there is always that nervous excitement when you play the gift giving game.
The gift giving game has many different forms and probably the most popular form is the Secret Santa gift giving game that a lot of people play at Christmas time. There are several ways to play this particular gift giving game and there are also many different forums that the game is played in. Within each forum there are many variations of the Secret Santa gift giving game and each of them has their own different good and bad points. Most people think of Secret Santa gift giving games as games played by people in offices at the office Christmas party but the Secret Santa gift giving game can come in many forms and can be played under many different tags that make it very accessible for everyone.

The most common Secret Santa gift giving game, as was mentioned before, is the one that is played in offices and companies all over the world at Christmas time. The rules are set in advance and are usually very simple but they are necessary to avoid any problems or conflict. If the guy in the mail room that happens to want to impress the new girl in accounting and he just happens to choose her in the company Secret Santa gift giving game you do not want to give him the chance to make her feel uncomfortable by bestowing upon her a lavish gift. One of the first rules set in a corporate Secret Santa gift giving game is the price limit that can paid on a gift. Most games will set the maximum to be spent on each gift at $20 or so and that seems very reasonable. The penalty for going over the gift amount is usually exclusion from the next year’s Secret Santa game but if you can think of a more appropriate punishment then that works too. Just remember that, to avoid any potential issues, the price limit must be adhered to and there must be penalties for those that break that rule regardless of who that person is. Just pray that the president of the company isn’t the one that breaks that rule. The next rule you need to have, and enforce strictly, is no personal items at all. Gifts cannot include suggestive clothing, controversial reading material, or anything that would make the recipient uncomfortable. These two rules are extremely important and must be followed for the game to be fun for everyone.

Once everyone understands the rules and guidelines then the rest is simple. You take the name of everyone that will be playing the game and you put the names on separate pieces of paper and then place the pieces of paper in a bowl of some sort that people can easily reach into. Then you place the bowl high enough where people can reach into it but cannot see into it and then have each person choose a name from the bowl. If you choose your own name then you obviously put your name back in the bowl and choose again. Whatever name you choose that is not your name is who you are to give your gift to but the most important thing to remember is that this needs to be kept a secret. That is the whole point of a Secret Santa game. Once you choose a name you keep it to yourself and go out and buy your gift. Anyone caught revealing the name they chose is eliminated from the game. Gifts will be exchanged at the company Christmas party and that is when the real fun begins. It is always interesting to see who had to buy gifts for whom for the Secret Santa and what the results will be.
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