Vacation Galore At Safari, In

Summer is arriving and the kids and you need a vacation. You don't want just any vacation you want one that will make everyone happy. That something special in Indiana, in fact it's safari, In. This safari In is otherwise known as Holiday World & Splashin' Safari which has an admission of paying only one price for all the rides. What more could you want for a great summer outing? This would be great fun for even a group of families or a church group. Come see Safari, In.
Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari is located in Santa Claus, Indiana. Yes that’s right Santa Claus. So, besides seeing the big fat man in a red suit, you now have a chance to have loads of fun yourself. Santa isn’t the only one who can deliver fun. This place has everything from roller coasters to Jungle jets, and all of the rides both on land and in the water are placed there in the name of fun. Guess what? Ticket discounts are available everyday with an empty Pepsi can. If you plan to visit with a group of 15 more give them a call and they will give you group ticket rates.

However to be certain that all of your vacationing party will end up having a good time please follow the regulations posted for both parks. For one thing shoes, shorts and shirts are required for admission even if you are wishing only to visit the water park. Guests must change into street clothes if they are visiting Holiday World, and if they are returning to Splashin’ Safari, then they must take a shower after visiting Holiday world. On the premises are showers and changing rooms with rental lockers available. So please pay attention. Splashin’ Safari has full time certified lifeguards, and lifejackets are available for a $10 deposit for children weighing up to 50 pounds.

Credit cards that are accepted are MasterCard, VISA and Discover. Safari, In both parks do not have an “adult” or “child” tickets priced separately. Children two and under are admitted free, and the General Admission price is divided into the following two categories. 1) Guests who are under 54 inches tall, 2) Guest who are Seniors are considered to be aged 60 and over. The 54 inch height will be measured with their shoes on at the front gate to determine which ticket to purchase. Here is a bit of good news; the park never shuts down during rain. However, if lightning is in the immediate area, the rides in both parks will shut down temporary and will reopen as soon as it is deemed safe.

For family fun at Safari, In check out the Bakuli, it’s a swirling colorful bowl. In fact Bakuli (pronouncend Bah-Cool-Lee) is Swahili for bowl. The Zinga another one of the cool water rides will fling you into a huge funnel, while the Bakuli will drop you into a gigantic green, purple and yellow 60 feet bowl. Then you’ll end up in an island on Bahari River. How you might ask by placing you in a four-person clover leaf inner tube. There are about 100 of these at the park, and the park takes 600 guests per hour. Imagine traveling for only 50 seconds from start to splashdown.

The Bahari is a huge wave pool with geysers, spray jets, waves and more. The Jungle racer is a set of 10 water slides sitting next to each other measuring 314 feet. It has an overall drop of 5 stories, and you can race your entire family. Zoombabwe is the world’s tallest enclosed water slide. This ride is not for those who are afraid of the dark, because the entire ride will keep you and your whole family or group in the dark. These are just some of the many places to keep you and your family cool, and having fun.

What about young children? There’s a place for them too at Safari, In. Smaller children will love Crocodile Isle. Crocodile Isle has two pools with connecting slides, pus the bubblers, water jets and fun animal slides. All this will keep the young ones having a splashin’ good time. The young children also love the Jungle Jets. This is a giant “spraygournd” full of water geysers, drenching spray arches and more. In fact there are 163 water “elements” to enjoy.

Wow! What a vacation at Safari, In. If you are tired of the water, check out Holiday World. To have a great time for your family and/or group be sure to pay attention to the regulations. The height limits are posted on some of the rides. Remember it’s a family theme park, and you’ll want to respect everyone, and not cause any unhappy feelings. Check the website out before you go. The web address is: and it’s full of information and has all the regulations listed. Just think you too can have fun in Santa Claus, Indiana.
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