Utah ? Salt Lake City Tourism

There are plenty of hotels in Utah. Salt Lake City alone has hundreds from the finest five star hotels to the tiny little Inn or Bed and Breakfast in the historical Victorian house on the corner. It seems that in Salt Lake City, Utah, hotels are on the every corner of the downtown areas and in remote get-aways fit for a king. These pleasant surroundings provide sanctuary and a place to rest your head in a diverse state full of culture and background.

Utah, Salt Lake City in particular has plenty of space for most tourists if you book in advance. However, where do you start to find a hotel in Utah? Salt Lake City is a good start.  If you don't plan on visiting Salt Lake City, Utah, hotels, condos, time shares and rooms can be found all over the state.

A better question would be to ask what brings people to Utah, Salt Lake City in particular. Well, most Utahans seem to think that ski resorts are the main answer for visiting the fair state of Utah. Salt Lake City has anywhere from five to ten major ski resorts within an hour's driving distance.  This is a remarkable amount considering most towns that house these resorts are just that - resort towns. They are expensive to stay in and many tourists opt to stay in the city where there is more around.

So, if this is the only reason people come to Utah - Salt Lake City would be in some trouble.  If you stay in Salt Lake City/Utah hotels, what more is there to offer but wintertime fun? Well, of all the places to stay in Utah, Salt Lake City is the most diverse.  However, there are plenty of other activities here.

In the south side of the state, there are numerous lakes and rivers to go boating on in the summer.  Lake Powell generally sells out quickly and it is prime real estate if you'd like to plant a summer house there.

Fishing in the rivers is a great past time and attracts many people from all over the west. Also, there is an over-abundance of hunting ground as well as wild life preserve that rivals any area in the country. It seems to attract a lot of visitors in the fall. Central and Eastern Utah hotels and campgrounds fill up fast during these peak times as long as you have a license.

Not a wild life type of person? Well, you can always just walk the landscape in many of our national parks. We have some of the most diverse terrain ever found in such a small area. You can drive from corner to corner of the state and see many different land forms and land masses to soak into all your senses.

Well, perhaps the quickest and most inspiring reason the Salt Lake City, Utah hotels fill up so quickly is the over-whelming amount of culture we have here in our borders. We host two of the biggest arts festivals alone in two different cities. One - the Shakespeare Festival - is held in Cedar City, Utah every summer and sells out the town well in advance.

The second - the Sundance Film Festival - held all over the Park City and Salt Lake City areas keep the town hot and ablaze for weeks. To get a hotel in Utah, Salt Lake City in particular at this time, you better book mighty early. Not only do we attract tourists for this world renowned party.  We attract actors, directors, producers and anyone else important from Hollywood.  Stars are often seen in five star hotels and upscale bars and clubs.  It's an amazing sight to see the entire city come alive.  However this is a very exclusive party, reserved for those of fame and fortune.

Whatever your reason for your visit to Utah, Salt Lake City and it's abundance of hotels will generally assure you a place to rest your head at.

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