Types of Guerlain Paris Fragrances

In 1828, the legendary Pierre Francois Pascal created one of the most alluring brands of fragrances there is. Since his first creation, Pierre and the followers of his perfumery have created over 626 fragrances that soothe and tantalize the noses of only the most exquisitely tasteful persons. Today, Guerlain Paris fragrances are well known by both men and women alike.
Guerlain Paris fragrances are among the most highest quality of fragrances. Combining the most alluring and pleasant of scents to form together in the most sensational of aromas, Guerlain Paris perfumes are known as one of the most significant brands of perfumes today.

There is an extensive and appealing selection of Guerlain Paris fragrances for men, all of which are carefully blended and designed to appeal to men while alluring women.

Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca of Guerlain Paris is one of the most intriguing of fragrances. .A combination of fresh flowers, mint, lemon, and green tea give this perfume this sensational scent that lasts and lasts. This romantic fragrance is a mixture of nature and air, combined with only the most gentle and effective of scents.

Another interesting selection of Guerlain Paris fragrances for men is the Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune. Created with a refreshing blend of sensuous patchouli along with vanilla and grapefruit, this alluring fragrance is a cool, refreshing fragrance that is sure to entice him or her.

For women, Guerlain Paris has an extensive assortment of floral and fruit fragrances all combined with the most heavenly of scents to emit the aroma of passion. Aqua Allegoria Rosa Magnifica is a sensuous, feminine fragrance that is mixed with a combination of only the sweetest of flowers such as roses, violets, and jasmine, all blended with a hint of musk.

Among the most popular and well known of Guerlain Paris’ fragrances is their Champs Elysees. This floral enhanced fragrance has a gentle and fresh floral scent combined with delicate rose petals and blossoms.

Mitsouko eau de perfume is yet another magnificently and well blended fragrances of Guerlain Paris. This fresh scent is a combination of fruit with jasmine and roses, mixed together to form one of the most alluring and sensual women’s fragrances. This luxuriously rich perfume serves as a perfect gift for that special woman in your life.

One of the most well known fragrances discovered by the House of Guerlain is the Mahora Eau de perfume. This exquisitely tasteful perfume is a mixture of the most alluring of oriental floral scents.
Another well known fragrance of Guerlain Paris is their Purple Fantasy. This tantalizing fragrance is a unique, feminine fragrance combined with the most alluring of floral scents such as violet and jasmine. They are all blended together in this smooth, sexy scent.

All of the fragrances of which are used by the House of Guerlain are carefully selected and chosen. Only the very best of aromas are recognized in Guerlain’s Fragrances.

Of course, these are only a few of the many fragrances created in the house of Guerlain. These perfumes and scents are all created with only the most powerful and soothing aromas. Combing luxurious floral scents such as roses, jasmine, violets, and Gardenias along with sensational fruits such as grapefruit and lemon, Guerlain fragrances are among the most highest quality fragrances today.
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