Try lacrosse for fun and fitness

More and more sport enthusiasts are taking up the sport of lacrosse. Those who try lacrosse almost always get hooked to the sport. The sport is finding a large number of takers these days, especially in the North American continent. You can find the sport finding a large number of takers, especially at the school level where kids find this sport fascinating. You can find a great deal of information on the sport at online sources.
The sport of lacrosse is finding a large number of takers these days. Lacrosse is a team sport that is gradually gaining popularity in several parts of the world. The sport is played with a netted stick which is known as the ‘Crosse’ which is used to catch or pass a hard rubber ball. The stick is used to score goals. Those of you who want to try lacrosse should remember to propel the rubber ball into the opposite team’s goal in order to score a point. The team which scores the most number of points after usually two halves is declared the winner of a game. In certain events they also allow overtime too if necessary just like in the case of soccer.
There is no dearth of players who try lacrosse particularly in North America. In fact the sport is extremely popular in Canada. The game is played on a variety of surfaces. These include field turf or grass or even artificial turf. Each team which plays the sport usually consists of 10 players. If you were to try lacrosse you should also be well equipped with the knowledge about the protective gear that you will need. In the men’s variety protective gear protects the players, hands, head, shoulders and arms. The gear is similar in the case women’s lacrosse too. The game is slowly gaining in popularity stakes in the United States where more and more people are not averse to try lacrosse. Players in United States also tend to use protective eyewear when they try lacrosse.
The invention of the sport is credited to the Native North American tribes. Although it was known by different names in its early days it is the French who named is lacrosse. The sport of lacrosse has evolved over a period of time with many changes happening. The sport was initially used to train young warriors in the art of conflict resolution. In fact the game was played over a field which could stretch for a mile and would last for days together in some instances. It has been noted that during the early days of the game there were instances of players getting seriously injured and even getting killed. The early balls which were used for the sport were made up a variety of materials including, clay, wood and even the heads of the enemy.
Those who try lacrosse should go through the history of the game as it will give them valuable insights into the origin of the game and its gradual evolution. For instance during the early days of the game in some cases even 1,000 men used to play the game on a field which could stretch for even a couple of miles. These games were usually held in order to settle inter-tribal disputes or in order to train young warriors for combat situations. The subsequent evolution of the game along with the coming in of formal rules sometimes in the 19th century made the game less violent.
Those of you who want to try lacrosse will find extensive information on the origins of the sport at online sources. You can also find detailed information on the various type of gear that is needed to play the game. There are numerous online sources which can help you get familiar with the rules of the game before you try lacrosse. You can also shop around for lacrosse equipment over online sources.
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